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How Much Weight Lily Collins Lost for Anorexia Movie to the Bone

Lily Collins, who portrayed a young lady suffering from anorexia in the 2017 American drama film To the Bone, told Glamour Magazine that she shed roughly 20 pounds (9 kilograms) in preparation for the role in the Netflix film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Lily Collins shed 20 pounds (9 kilograms) to play an anorexic patient in the Netflix drama film Right down to the bone Lily Collins shed 20 pounds (9 kilograms) to play an anorexic patient in the Netflix drama film To the Bone. (Image courtesy of Netflix)

“They never offered me a figure or a goal weight, but I ended up reducing roughly 20 lbs. My dietitian put me on a lot of supplements, and I was eating just specified foods at every meal. “I was quite proud that I was never overly weary, that I never missed a day of work, and that I never forgot my lines,” she admitted.

“We really made sure to keep a semblance of control over the situation and also just to make sure my body was functioning the way that it should. “I reminded myself on a daily basis that I was recruited as an actor, not for the figure I would have achieved through suffering,” the actress stated.

In Netflix’s To the Bone, Lily Collins plays Ellen, a 20-year-old college dropout. Collins had previously struggled with an eating condition, which made her concerned about playing Ellen (Eli), a 20-year-old college dropout suffering from anorexia.

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“I was scared, but the anxiety was driving me ahead because I wanted to do this movie for a higher purpose. It had a larger purpose than just my own, and I was intrigued by the prospect of presenting a previously forbidden issue to a wider audience. I believe it is critical in this day and age to make these conversations more accessible to young people, so it was very thrilling to me.”

Martha Mills Noxon, the film’s director, told People that Lily Collins chose to drop weight for the role. “We never required her to drop a specific amount of weight. There was a debate, and we didn’t have much time. Due to her busy schedule, we only had around four weeks between her signing on and the start of filming.

And it was really more of a talk about what will help you feel prepared for the role as an actor, but also how do we keep you safe and not at a dangerous weight that will be triggering for you,” Noxon explained. Lily Collins attends the 2019 Harper’s BAZAAR Celebration of ‘ICONS By Carine Roitfeld’ in a Georges Hobeika Fall 2019 Couture gown and Jimmy Choo Pattie platform sandals.

How Much Weight Lily Collins Lost for Anorexia Movie to the Bone

Lily Collins attends the 2019 Harper’s BAZAAR Celebration of ‘ICONS By Carine Roitfeld’ held at The Plaza Hotel on September 6, 2019, in Manhattan, New York City, wearing a Georges Hobeika Fall 2019 Couture dress and Jimmy Choo Pattie platform sandals.

“I just wanted to feel like I was paying homage to the 16-year-old girl that I was, who would’ve wanted to see this movie, but at the time I was just an actor playing a character,” Collins said of her personal experience with an eating disorder to Access Hollywood.

Lily Collins is dressed in a Halston Heritage skirt and a Fallon necklace. Actress Lily Collins wears a Halston Heritage skirt and a Fallon necklace to the German premiere of ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ (Chroniken der Unterwelt) on August 20, 2013, in Berlin, Germany. (Photo courtesy of WENN)

“There was never a weight objective, never a number. It’s something I chose to do as an actor for a part. You gain weight, lose weight, and alter your hair color. There are so many various physical changes you may make for a character.”

The filmmakers used special effects, clothes, makeup, and prosthetics to make Lily Collins appear skinnier and anorexic. Collins’s decision to lose weight was questioned by Project Heal, a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring fair treatment access for eating disorders.

“We in no way mean to encourage the concept that patients with anorexia nervosa may drop weight healthily. “This was a creative decision on the part of the filmmakers, and filming was completed before Project HEAL became engaged in the film,” Project HEAL said in a statement.

“There is significant research demonstrating that getting into a condition of negative energy balance and/or dropping weight can make those who have struggled with anorexia nervosa far more prone to a recurrence. Weight reduction is not something that Project HEAL encourages.”

Lily Collins has always boasted about her amazing “best friend” bond with her mother, Jill Tavelman. While out in Beverly Hills, Lily Collins hides behind her hair. On March 17, 2016, Lily Collins hides behind her hair while out in Beverly Hills.

The actress is reserved when discussing her connection with her celebrity father, Phil Collins, and her four other step-siblings, but her affection for her mother knows no bounds. The then-27-year-old was photographed shopping with her mother, Jill Tavelman, in Los Angeles in March 2016.

Lily Collins and her mother, Jill Tavelman, go shopping in Los Angeles. Lily wore pants with a black-and-white checkered shirt layered underneath a zip-up top with folded sleeves and sunglasses. Her casual Rag & Bone “Sabine” slip-on shoes with a unique cut were the most noteworthy component of her attire.

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