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How to Finish the “More Pest Control” Task in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

We’ve put up a quick guide on how to complete the “More Pest Control” request for the Resident Evil 4 remake because it can be frustrating if you don’t know where to search. Games like Resident Evil are renowned for rewarding exploration and environmental awareness. This ideal is furthered by the Resident Evil 4 remake, which includes additional demands and treasure hunts throughout the game that weren’t in the original.

The “More Pest Control” request, which can be found in Chapter 9 of the game, is one of them. The blue-tinted request notice that requests you to get rid of three rats throughout the castle grounds is waiting for you as soon as you reach the castle’s main hall. To assist you in moving forward with your Resident Evil 4 remake experience, the “More Pest Control” request solution is provided below.

Locations of “More Pest Control” rats in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Simply eliminate the three rats that are scattered throughout the castle to fulfill this request. You can either shoot them or choose to preserve your ammo by swinging a knife at them, but be careful since they are pretty swift and nimble! The squeaking sound they produce serves as a clear audible cue that one is nearby.

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The first rat is found in the staircase going from the Grand Hall to the Dining Hall. You take up the request initially right past the door. Rats flee from Leon, and the player might unintentionally force one into the Dining Hall, but with the acoustic cue, it should be simple to find. The hallway going up to the Armory is where you can find the second rat.

You need just move from the Great Hall in the direction of the Armory to pick up the rat’s audio cues. Check beneath the suits of armor that adorn the hall since this rat likes to hide there. You might have to wait for the third rat. It is concealed in the passageway connecting the Great Hall and the Mausoleum.

The issue is that you may only visit this region after playing as Ashley for a brief period of time in Chapter 10. Hence, if you can’t enter this area of the castle, just keep working toward your main goal; you won’t fail or forget to fulfill the request.

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The rat itself is rather obvious because the hallway it’s in is incredibly narrow and lacks any obstructions he could use for cover. Once all the rats have been eliminated, get back to the merchant so you can receive your reward of 3 spinels. Check out additional Resident Evil 4 remake tips after learning how to satisfy the “More Pest Control” request:


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