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Dick Van Dyke Involved in Car Crash in Malibu

Dick Van Dyke, a seasoned actor, was engaged in a small accident involving his vehicle in Malibu, California, according to the city’s police department. On the morning of March 15, police were called to the scene, where they discovered a silver Lexus had struck a gate.

A Malibu Police Department spokeswoman verified the 97-year-old actor, who starred in the iconic children’s movies “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and “Mary Poppins,” had “minimal injuries” in a phone call with  The actor, who last month became the oldest contestant to ever appear on Fox singing competition “The Masked Singer,” was also reported to the fire department, according to the spokesman, who added that no other information was known regarding the actor.

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Van Dyke’s agent has been contacted for comment. After receiving a Tony nomination for his performance in the musical “Bye-Bye Birdie,” Van Dyke was given “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” which aired on CBS from 1961 until 1966.

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His film career began in 1964 with “Mary Poppins,” and four years later he made a comeback as the inventor Caractacus Potts in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Van Dyke, who has also received four Emmy awards and one Grammy, appeared in “Mary Poppins Returns” in 2018 and danced. He appeared in a music video last year for his wife Arlene Silver’s band, Arlene & The Fantastic.

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