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Husband Of Mother Accused of Killing Her 3 Children Issues Statement

In a public speech, the husband of a woman in Massachusetts who is accused of killing her three children revealed that he has forgiven his wife for what she allegedly did and begged others to do the same. The victim’s husband, Patrick Clancy of Duxbury, has stated that his wife, Lindsay, was suffering from a condition that he did not specify at the time of the incident in which she allegedly attempted suicide after having strangled their three children.

In the statement that was released on Saturday and was acquired by NBC Boston, Patrick Clancy is quoted as saying, “I want to ask all of you that you find it deep within yourselves to forgive Lindsay, as I have” (January 28).

“The genuine version of Lindsay showed an abundant amount of love and concern for everyone, including me, our children, family, friends, and her patients. The quality of love permeates every pore of her being. My only hope for her at this point is that she will eventually be at peace with herself.”

Patrick Clancy spoke of his marriage as “amazing” and said that it had become “stronger as her condition swiftly deteriorated.” “I felt unendingly lucky to have her in my life and took as much satisfaction in being her spouse as I did in being a father,” he went on to say after the previous statement.

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According to an arrest warrant, Lindsay Clancy is currently receiving treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is charged with two counts of homicide, three counts of strangulation, and three counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon in relation to the deaths of her children, Cora, age 5, and Dawson, age 3.

Both of her children were under the age of three when they passed away. Callan, the couple’s 8-month-old baby, passed away on Friday (January 27), many days after the claimed incident took occurred on Tuesday (the previous week) (January 24). As of Sunday, there have been no new charges brought forth in connection with the passing of the infant (January 29).

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