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Ian Ziering Divorce: Everything We Want to Know!

The former couple, who have two daughters together, Mia, 11, and Penna, 9, divorced in October 2019 after nine years of marriage, and on Monday (03.10.22), they filed a written agreement with Los Angeles County Superior Court, which they hope to have signed off by a judge.

According to a letter obtained by People magazine from Erin’s attorney: “The parties have signed a legal agreement outlining their property and marital or domestic partnership rights, including maintenance. “The original of which is currently or has previously been submitted to the court. I request that the agreement be approved by the court.

The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actor and his ex-wife have decided to share joint custody of their children and will spend equal time with them in the future. The 58-year-old actress has agreed to pay child support, and the paperwork also details how the former couple would divide their financial assets in the future.

The document confirmed that Ian and Erin had freely consented to all of the terms of the settlement. “The Parties have evaluated each and every provision of this Stipulated Judgment and have negotiated those provisions as necessary to represent their agreement and to fulfill their needs,” it went on to say.

Ian Ziering Divorce

Because the petition was issued uncontested, once it is signed off by a judge, the couple’s marriage will be officially ended, and neither Ian nor Erin will need to appear in court to settle any additional divorce matters. The former ‘Dancing With the Stars participant previously blamed the dissolution of his marriage on “hectic work schedules.”

On Instagram, he wrote: “I have to break the news to you that Erin and I are breaking up. We couldn’t be busier with our rigorous job schedules, and we’ve grown apart over the last three years.” The ‘Sharknado star went on to laud Erin for being “the best” mother to their two children and stated that the former pair want to “continue to get along” and be “successful” co-parents to their children.

He went on: “She is one of the most amazing ladies I have ever encountered, and she is the best mother to our children. It has come to my knowledge that certain things are being published and said in order to sensationalize a situation that is not, in fact, sensational.

Any comment ascribed to me is absolutely untrue and is intended purely by haters to undermine our commitment to continue getting along, protecting and raising our girls, and serving as examples of effective co-parenting. We ask that you maintain our privacy during this tough time so that we can concentrate on what is most important to us, our children. Love and peace, (sic) Ian”.

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