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In an Apparent Murder-suicide in New York City, a Woman is Purportedly Slashed to Death, and Her Beau Jumps From His Apartment

According to detectives and acquaintances, a 61-year-old lady was slashed to death by her 52-year-old partner, who allegedly leaped from their Brooklyn apartment in a suspected murder-suicide following years of abuse that included comments about her weight.

Just after 2 a.m., cops arrived at a 911 call at a fourth-floor apartment on Sixth Avenue near 53rd Street in Sunset Park and discovered Delma Mateo laying in the hallway with cuts to her head, neck, and chest, as well as a bloody knife, hammer, and screwdriver nearby, according to sources.

According to sources, her long-term live-in partner Felix Santiago was discovered on the ground outside the building with a knife nearby. Both were declared deceased at the site. According to neighbors, Mateo had experienced verbal abuse from the man, whose young son committed himself and jumped from a separate window in the same apartment several years earlier.

“Every day he abused her, saying she’s no good, she’s a huge person – so she had the surgery to decrease weight,” recalled Joyce Velazquez, Mateo’s best friend. “He used to tell her she looked 90 years old because she had her breasts done.”

The victim, who was from Puerto Rico, had shed an estimated 130 pounds since the surgery three years ago, according to Velazquez. Cops said the 52-year-old partner was discovered “unconscious and unresponsive” on the ground outside the building.

According to Velazquez, Santiago suffered from schizophrenia and was known to drink and take pain relievers. “He used to tell her all the time that he was going to kill her and then himself,” she explained. “She was a beautiful lady.” She used to treat him well because she was terrified of him. He used to treat her horribly. He smacked her. He once tried to choke her.”

In an Apparent Murder-suicide in New York City

Neighbors said Santiago’s teenage son threw himself out a window in the same apartment some years ago. According to a friend, Santiago transferred his car to a nephew and gave his son a smartphone and a large sum of cash he had secreted in the flat the night the tragedy occurred, prompting Velazquez to encourage Mateo to leave in a phone call.

“She was telling me something was wrong,” Velazquez explained. “I told her, ‘You must leave tonight.'” He seemed to be planning something nasty. He used to always threaten to murder her. ‘I’m terrified,’ she admitted. ‘Do you want me to call the cops?’ I inquired. ‘No, because it’ll be worse,’ she answered.

“He’s working on something.” “I told her to come to my house,” the sobbing companion continued. “He intends to murder you.” ‘You think?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ I replied. He was giving away all of his money, his automobile, and all of these other things. He’ll murder you tonight. Please, please come to my place. I can request that the cops transport you somewhere. “I don’t want you to perish.”

Yamas Pea, who lives on the second floor, claimed he phoned the police numerous times about alleged abuse by Santiago and called again on Thursday when he heard Mateo yelling for help.”Last night she was screaming like a lunatic, like she needed help, so contact the cops.” I did it right quickly, and they arrived in five minutes. I unlocked the door for them and told them, “Hurry up, she’s screaming like hell, he’s going to murder her.”

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