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In His Divorce, Sylvester Stallone Denied Concealing Marital Assets. Meanwhile, He Also Refuses to Leave Their Joint House

Sylvester Stallone denied hiding marital assets from his wife of 25 years, Jennifer Flavin, during his divorce proceedings. Flavin claimed Stallone “acted in the deliberate dissipation, depletion, and/or waste of marital assets, which had an unfavorable economic impact on the marital estate” in court filings obtained by Insider and filed on August 29 in Palm Beach County, Florida circuit court.

Stallone responded by denying the allegations, noting in court records that he has “not participated in any activity that constitutes purposeful dissipation, depletion, and/or waste of marital assets.” Flavin requested in the divorce that she is compensated with “an unequal distribution of the marital assets in her favor.”

Meanwhile, Stallone is refusing to leave their Palm Beach, Florida, joint family home. Stallone dismissed the court filings’ request for the exclusive use of that residence. In addition, the pair has a property in California. Stallone’s lawyers did not immediately reply to Insider’s request for comment.

Flavin, 54, and Stallone, 76, first met in 1988, according to People. They dated for six years before Stallone called it quits. According to People, Flavin later heard through her agency that Stallone had been cheating on her. They reconciled in 1995 and had their first child, Sophia Stallone, in 1996 before marrying in 1997. Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20, are the couple’s other kids.

The pair celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in May. Stallone said on Instagram that there were “not enough words to convey what this wonderfully selfless committed, patient, a woman has meant to our life,” and that he longed for “another 25” years with her.

Sylvester Stallone Did He Conceal Marital Assets From His Wife?

Sylvester Stallone denied concealing marital assets in his divorce proceedings from his wife. He also denied Jennifer Flavin exclusive possession of their Florida house. Stallone and Flavin divorced earlier this year after 25 years of marriage.

According to legal experts, Flavin is entitled to 50% of any earnings earned during their marriage if they do not have a prenuptial agreement that states otherwise. Stallone and Flavin, a former model from California’s San Fernando Valley, married in 1997  when she was 29 and he was 51. They have three daughters together.

Was Sylvester Stallone Mistaken About Jennifer Flavin’s Assets?

Sylvester Stallone maintains he did nothing wrong when it comes to his marital assets with soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer Flavin.

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