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Is Keem star the Biological Father of Ethan Klein’s Son?

Ahh, Internet drama. I feel as though I could never have had enough of it. I always assumed that YouTube drama channels like Keemstar were intended to poke fun at drama, but it seems like they’re rapidly becoming a part of the action themselves. And tonight, the drama is at an all-time high.

It all started when Keemstar tweeted, for what appeared to be no reason at all, that he had never had sexual relations with Hila Klein, who is married to Ethan Klein. After that, Leafy published a statement claiming that Keemstar had a sexual encounter with Hila and was, in fact, the biological father of her child.

No more jokes, only the reality from now on. Before more than five years have passed, Keemstar, Ethan, and Hila were all excellent friends. It was around four years ago when they first met each other for the h3h3podcast, and after that, everything changed.

If you watch that, you’ll see that Hila and Keem were engaging in some friendly banter; it’s important to note that Keemstar stayed three nights in Los Angeles. After a number of years, Hila started going on frequent work travels.

Is Keem star the Biological Father of Ethan Klein's Son

Around this time, there was also an increase in the quantity of “EthanxKeem” beef. And the most significant event in the conflict was “their” son being born. Only a few months after the birth of their son Theodore, the formal release of “Content Nuke – Keemstar” takes place. The purpose of this release is to utterly demolish Keem and, more importantly, to separate himself from the beauty world in which Hila is involved as part of her work.

This resolves the issue. The father’s name is Keemstar. This continues, with leafy saying that they have audio evidence verifying all that has been stated here. After then, Keemstar published a post on his website in which he displayed screenshots of a number of video games with suggestive titles.

The issue that everyone wants an answer to is this: Is all of this just a bunch of crap aimed to provoke Klein because Keemstar hates him? My gut tells me that you’re right, none of this is true at all. The conflict between Keemstar and Klein has been going on for a very long time, and this is just the most recent phase.

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