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Is Simona Halep’s Divorce Patrick Mouratoglou’s Fault?

Cancan, a tabloid published in Romania, suggests several other factors might have led to Halep’s choice.

The decision of Romanian tennis star Simona Halep to file for divorce from her wealthy husband, Toni Iuruc, 42, was reportedly influenced in part by her coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Help is the defending champion of the Wimbledon tournament.

Cancan, a newspaper published in Romania, suggests several factors might be at play regarding Halep’s choice. Cancan began by asserting that Iuruc has not been present at any of Halep’s matches since the beginning of April when Halep signed the deal with Mouratoglou.

Mid- Day Is coach atrick Mouratoglou to blame for tennis star Simona Halep's Divorce
Mid-Day Is coach Patrick Mouratoglou to blame for tennis star Simona Halep’s Divorce

The publication also noted that Mouratoglou had written a message in which she pointed the finger of blame at him for her loss in the second round of Roland Garros. After some time had passed, Halep sided with the coach and dismissed Virginia Ruzici as her manager.

The third reason that Mouratoglou has been blamed for the divorce is that after the French Open, Halep signed a management contract with her coach’s best collaborator, Nina Wennerstrom. Wennerstrom is a former tennis player and is widely regarded as the most powerful woman in Scandinavian sports. Halep’s contract was with Wennerstrom after she won the French Open.


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