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Keion Henderson Divorce: Everything We Want to Know!

Pastor Keion Henderson of Houston’s Lighthouse Church has been married to his wife, Taffi, for over 20 years. They have three children together. However, the Hendersons have been separated in recent years, and Keion has now filed for divorce.

So, what caused their marriage to fail? There are several possibilities. First, Keion could have just fallen out of love with his wife. It’s not uncommon for couples to drift apart and lose the spark that drew them together. Keion could also have been unfaithful to Taffi.

While there is no proof of this, it would explain why Keion would wish to stop the marriage so soon. Finally, it’s possible that Keion and Taffi just grew away due to Keion’s job responsibilities. Keion’s job as a pastor requires him to travel frequently, which can strain any marriage. Whatever the cause for the divorce, Keion and Taffi’s marriage is clearly finished. It’s sad to see such a long-standing relationship end, but it’s sometimes the best thing for both individuals involved.

Keion Henderson and his wife, Felicia, collaborated on a number of projects at the Lighthouse Church. In 2019, he filed for divorce from his wife, which resulted in their separation. Henderson was unable to keep his marriage despite his reputation as a love specialist.

Lady Felicia, Keion’s professional partner, was not only his romantic partner but also his professional partner. Larry Reid, a vlogger, got and uploaded their court records on his website to help them make their case. According to Reid, Keion indicated in a video before the divorce that his marriage was going through an adjustment period before it was formalized. The pastor disclosed the divorce in an interview with BlessedBeatz Media.

Who was Pastor Keion’s wife?

According to the Hollywood Mask, the preacher was previously married to Felicia Henderson from 2015 to 2016 and the couple has two daughters. For decades, Keion Henderson has been a well-known pastor thanks to his ageless wisdom and guidance on dating, marriage, and living happily ever after.

From 2015 to 2016, he was married to Felicia Henderson, with whom he had two daughters. They worked together on several initiatives, including the Sugarland Campus, and they both worked at the Lighthouse Church.

Shaunie O’Neal and Keion Henderson’s relationship has been confirmed by their families. She wished him a happy birthday in an Instagram post, saying he is “the safest place for me to honestly develop without criticism.” Miles, their former relationship’s son, is also present.

Shaunie and Keion disclosed in their own words, according to a church news release, that they met after years of searching for the one. We are really excited to embark on our journey as husband and wife. Our love for one another will carry us on into the future.

Keion Henderson Divorce

In 2011, Keion was a guest speaker at a church Shaunie attended; they met for the first time that year. They met in early 2012 and married on Saturday, their wedding date, on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Shaunie O’Neal is a well-known figure in the celebrity world.

After her husband, Shaquille O’Neal, retired from the NBA, Shaunie O’Neal became a reality TV celebrity, appearing on shows such as Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and Shaunie’s Home Court. Keion Henderson is a well-known name in church ministry, and he is largely recognized as one of the most efficient ministers.

After beginning his own church in 2007, he launched The Lighthouse Church. There are numerous parallels between the O’Neals and the Hendersons. Both of them value their families and their work. In addition to their mutual love, they have a profound love for one another. The two characters in this novel are bound together not just by their differences, but also by their similar interests. The occasion highlights how love can bring people from different backgrounds together to form a family.

Felicia And Keion Henderson Divorced

Despite the fact that they appeared to have a strong personal and professional tie, their marriage ended in 2019 when he allegedly filed for divorce. Larry Reid, a vlogger, received their court documents and made them public on his Patreon account. According to the papers, the pastor had actually filed for divorce.

Reid also stated in a video that Keion hinted his marriage was “going through modifications” before the divorce was formalized. The Pastor later admitted the divorce in an interview with BlessedBeatz Media. Even though it was a difficult step, the divorce was a good thing.

Divorce must have been painful for the preacher. He was encouraging others to embrace love while breaking down himself. He disclosed to BlessedBeatz while pastoring a megachurch, that he was learning how to bravely traverse that season – the season of separation.

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I was scared… [God] wasn’t wiping my tears away. People found his words of wisdom apparent and pertinent, given his life’s ups and downs. His life experiences have taught him to see past the problems of one’s current situation and to look at the big picture.

In his book The Shift, the preacher highlights transitional intervals between tough and better times. A chapter in the book is devoted to divorce and its occurrences, with the main issue being the transition that occurs all around you every day.

What Brought Shaunie And Keion Together?

Keion and Shaunie met in high school. They shared many mutual acquaintances and were interested in the same extracurricular activities. They began dating in their junior year and have been together since.

Keion Henderson Net Worth

Keion Henderson is reported to be worth $3 million. The majority of his fortune stems from his great professional basketball career. Henderson has played for various NBA and international clubs, and he has also earned money through sponsorship deals. He has also worked as a television analyst and commentator in recent years.

Keion Henderson is the lead pastor at Houston’s Lighthouse Church. He is also a successful entrepreneur and the author of The SHIFT: Seasonal Obstacles. He is said to be worth a million dollars. Keion Henderson’s inspirational films have a weekly global audience of 800,00 people.

After meeting her, Kevin married Felecia Henderson on August 7, 2012. During his church crusade, Keion Henderson met Shaunie O’Neal, the ex-wife of an NBA player. Shaunie has remained Kate’s mother, assisting her beau, organizing church events, and ensuring that she is cared for as if she were her own daughter.

Did Keion Henderson Marry?

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Shaunie O’Neal, executive producer and star of Basketball Wives, and Pastor Keion Henderson exchanged vows. The couple exchanged vows in front of over 200 guests at the Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club during their wedding ceremony, according to PEOPLE.

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