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Rachel and Bryan Divorce: Is It True or Not?

Are Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Divorcing? Rachel Lindsay, a former Bachelorette contestant, spoke with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. During the discussion, Cohen inquired about rumors that Lindsay and her husband, Bryan Abasolo, were divorcing.

Lindsay’s response was straightforward: she and Abasolo will not divorce. She claims that the suspicions are possible because she and her husband do not live together. Lindsay claims they only see each other once a month.

Cohen informed Lindsay about a previous statement she made in which she stated that everyone believes she is divorcing. “Do they believe that because you met on the show, you can’t still be together?” Cohen felt compelled to inquire.

“No, we’re now in a long-distance relationship. He is in Miami, while I am in Los Angeles. “Oh, we’re just, you know, planting seeds that will lead to a divorce,” she explained.

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay barely see one other once a month. Lindsay and Abasolo are currently living in different locations. Lindsay lives in Los Angeles, California, while Abasolo lives in Miami, Florida. Lindsay told Cohen that they don’t see each other very often, which is becoming more difficult as a result of COVID. She did, however, reveal that Abasolo intended to go to Los Angeles in two months.

Divorce Of Rachel And Bryan

Lindsay discussed why she and Abasolo have been living apart on his “Dr. Abs Healthcast” podcast in October. “I didn’t relocate to Los Angeles because I adore the place.” You’re working on getting your practice to where you want it to be, while I’m in L.A. working for “Extra” and doing other things. “

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We’re both doing these things so that we can finally meet,” she explained. “As Abasolos, we know where we’re heading, where we’re going, and what we’re trying to build,” she added. “I can see how, from the outside, you may think, ‘Wow, Rachel said on the program that she didn’t want her work to come before her marriage.’

” But I’m not going to choose my job over my marriage. I’m acting in the best interests of my family. “Part of it is putting our family and ourselves in the greatest possible position to succeed,” she explained. Rachel Lindsay admitted that the ‘odds are stacked against you when it comes to finding love in the ‘Bachelor franchise.

Fans of the show know that people seldom get married and stay married on the show. Bachelor Nation has had so many breakups over the years that it’s difficult to determine whether the process works to match people with their happily ever afters.

Rachel and Bryan Divorce

Lindsay is aware that the odds are stacked against her, and she discusses the difficulties that the majority of the cast faces. “Yeah. Andy, the odds are stacked against you. To find out who you want to spend your life with, you have to go through all of these guys or women, depending on who the lead is.

Then there’s dealing with what other people think. Everyone tells you what you should’ve done and how you should’ve survived the season. Then you had to look after your family. Right? Everyone in the family is skeptical. If you’re curious, my father is a federal judge. “You two are crazy with each other,” he continued. He did not believe it was true. It took him a bit to realize that we were in love. “This happened,” Lindsay explained to Andy Cohen.

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