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Lana Del Rey’s Nasty Public Action Against Their Ex Has Enraged Fans

Lana Del Rey, who is 37 years old and is a singer and songwriter, has only put up one billboard to advertise her upcoming album, which is titled Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd and will be released on March 10.

However, rather than targeting popular marketing regions such as New York City or Los Angeles, the billboard is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma; this is because it is Sean Larkin’s hometown. On her own Instagram profile, which is private, Del Rey captioned a photo of the billboard with the phrase “There’s only one and it’s in Tulsa.” On Twitter, a screenshot of the tweet is being shared with users.

She continued in the comments by saying, “It’s. Personal.” Flash allows you to stream additional live and on-demand entertainment news. One location for more than 25 news channels. First time with Flash? Have the first month on us. This offer will only be available for a limited time.

Lana Del Rey's Nasty Public Action Against Their Ex Has Enraged Fans

To add insult to injury, Del Rey released the title track to her upcoming album as well as the album announcement on Larkin’s birthday, which was on December 7. Fans lost their heads and gave Del Rey a standing ovation for her brutal move.

One of Lana Del Rey’s fans said, “The amount of petty I aspire for is the fact that Lana Del Rey only put up a billboard in her ex’s town.”  “The level of shadiness achieved by Lana Del Rey when she placed the lone billboard to promote her record in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the hometown of her ex), is the amount of shadiness I hope to achieve.

Another fan wrote about the collaboration between Del Rey and Swift’s partner on Snow on the Beach. “Taylor Swift trained her well.” Another person said, “Lana Del Rey putting her ONE and the ONLY billboard in the city of her ex-boyfriend is so me.”

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Another person posed the question, “Who wants to go on a date to Tulsa and take pictures in front of the Lana Del Rey billboard?” In 2020, Del Rey and Larkin, both 49, decided to end their relationship, citing “busy schedules” as the reason for their decision.

During the course of their relationship, which lasted for a total of six months, they spent their time in equal parts in Los Angeles and Tulsa, where Larkin worked as a police sergeant. It was the year that he retired. He is a co-host of the podcast Coptales and Cocktails and has been on the reality show Live PD, which airs on A&E.

When we were in Tulsa, we got together with my friends who work in law enforcement and their significant others. According to what he told the New York Times in March of 2020, “We all Super Bowl partied together, dinners and other stuff like that.” “Everyday activities that married couples do with their pals.”

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