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Lauren Chandiram, to Whom, Did She Later Get Married?

 Since 2007, Robert James Collier and Lauren Chandiram have been an item. Collier is well known for his appearances in the films Downton Abbey and Coronation. Robert James Collier and Lauren Chandiram have been together as a couple since 2007.

Who is Lauren Chandiram?

Lauren Chandiram, Robert James-wife, Collier was born in London, United Kingdom, hence she is a British citizen. There is no official confirmation of her birthday, however, some media have reported it to be November 20th, 1985. So, she was born under the sign of the Scorpion and is now 37 years old. She identifies as Christian and is of white, Caucasian descent. She has always kept her personal life under wraps, therefore there is no information out there about her parents or siblings.

Lauren Chandiram and Robert James-Collier

Lauren and Robert’s relationship was announced to the public at a 2007 red carpet-event. And considering how discreet she is, it’s possible that they were already secretly dating before that happened. Even if this isn’t the case, being together for 15 years and still holding hands is an impressive display of dedication in a time when divorce is the norm rather than the exception. Read also: Florence Elsie Ellis, Youngest Child of Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite

There is, however, a fascinating wrinkle in their connection. We don’t know how their romance developed, and we have no details on their wedding. How they act in public suggests that they are a married couple. This, however, doesn’t negate the fact that the two make a lovely couple and serve as huge couple goals for the rest of us.

Couple with Son Named Milo

Milo James-Collier rounds out Lauren and Robert’s happy family. It seems sensible that you’d be curious about the offspring of these two stunning individuals. The pair, however, has remained silent and has given the press zero information about him. Their son’s 2010 birth year is the only known fact about him. Milo will soon be a teenager, so perhaps we should give him time to mature and initiate contact on his own. Read also: Griffin Arthur Fraser, Where Are His Three Children From His Previous Marriage?

Robert James-Collier Did Not Belong in the Hollywood Scene

One may argue that Robert James-Collier has had a successful career thus far and that he still has plenty of time to achieve even greater things. It’s possible, though, that not everyone thinks the same way. The surprising thing is that Robert belongs to the second group.

lauren chandiram
lauren chandiram

According to an interview he gave to Radio Times in 2017, he blames his role as the dark, queer character Thomas on Downton Abbey for his lack of success in Hollywood. In contrast to his co-stars, he thinks his parts “may lead to typecasting” and are hence less marketable. Perhaps he came to this conclusion because he was consistently being offered identical parts despite his desire to try something new. It is our sincere wish that Robert will soon be presented with his ideal professional chance.

A Fashion Icon, Lauren Chandiram

Even if we don’t know much about Lauren, we can safely assume that she has an excellent sense of style. It’s true that she enjoys expensive apparel as well. If you’re curious about the origins of that belief, just look up pictures from the Downton Abbey movie’s 2019 premiere on Google. Lauren looked gorgeous in a Monse dress with an asymmetric hem.

The lady reportedly turned down offers from many modeling agencies because she values her privacy too much to pursue a career in the spotlight. Not sure if Lauren aspired to be a model in the past, but she certainly looks the part. Any girl would be envious of her height and her model-like body. I kid you not; she really is that tall. Read also: Margaret Mcgloin, the Reason Behind Her Untimely Death

Before meeting Robert, she was already successful in business

Until she met the man of her dreams, Robert James-Collier, Lauren Chandiram was a successful entrepreneur and owner of a clothes boutique in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Even more implausibly, some people assumed that she intended to open a clothing store under her own name. But ever since Robert came into her life, she has been mum on the subject of her aspirations. Her career may have taken a backseat due to a deliberate decision on her behalf. In any case, she has once again kept us in the dark, even if she is involved in anything.

Lauren Chandiram likes to keep to herself. She has completely disappeared from the web, including all the major networking sites. It’s only fair to give her the space she needs to live quietly out of the spotlight if that’s what she desires. However, Lauren (if you’re reading this), we’d love to see more of your diva side if you’re paying attention.


Lauren Chandiram became well-known in 2007 as the news of her relationship with British television personality Robert James-Collier spread. Robert is famous for his performances as Liam Connor on Coronation Street and Thomas Barrow on Downton Abbey, both of which he portrayed between the years 2010 and 2015. He was named the sexiest guy at the British Soap Awards in 2007 and 2008.

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