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My Hero Academia Season 6 Potential Release Date, Cast & More Details!

In a world overrun by Marvel and DC heroes, it would be easy to compare My Hero Academia to these Hollywood giants. While both Studio Ghibli and Toei Animation have made excellent anime, this one, based on Kihei Horikoshi’s manga series of the same name, is significantly more passionate and bizarre.

My Hero Academia can’t stay true to the foundation of superhero storytelling since it has no live-action constraints. It’s no wonder therefore that this program continues to fight on with the same type of drive that puts Izuku Midoriya in good stead at UA High.

What’s in store for this show’s future after a season five that was more contentious than usual? Join us here at Digital Spy as we uncover all you need to know about My Hero Academia season six.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Potential Release Date: When Will It Air?

Fans have known for some time that My Hero Academia is due to return with its sixth season this autumn, but The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine just teased a more definite release date of October 2022 on the cover.

But thanks to a special screening at the show’s annual Hero Fes event at the end of July, some lucky fans will be able to see the season six premiere earlier than that. Even though clips may be available online, we won’t get to see the whole episode until October 2022.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Cast: Who’s in It?

My Hero Academia has a vast cast, so here’s a summary of the primary Japanese and English voice actors that we anticipate will return for season six:

• Izuku Midoriya — Daiki Yamashita (Japanese); Justin Briner (English)
• Katsuki Bakugo — Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese); Clifford Chapin (English)
• All Might — Kenta Miyake (Japanese); Christopher R. Sabat (English)
• Ochaco Uraraka — Ayane Sakura (Japanese); Luci Christian (English)
• Tenya Ida — Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum (English)
• Tsuyu Asui — Aoi Yuki (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)
• Minoru Mineta — Ryo Hirohashi (Japanese); Brina Palencia (English)
• Momo Yaoyorozu — Marina Inoue (Japanese); Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
• Fumikage Tokoyami — Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English)
• Shoto Todoroki — Yuki Kaji (Japanese); David Matranga (English)

There will be many more students, professors, and villains in Season 6, so check out this site for information on the Japanese and English voice actors that aren’t listed here.

My Hero Academia Season 6
My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia Season 6 Plot: What Will Happen?

My Hero Academia’s fifth season finished with a post-credits sequence of Class 1A looking out towards a metropolis filled with supervillains. This teased the next huge plot going our way, known as the “Paranormal Liberation War”.

Chapters 253-306 of the manga serve as the basis for this arc, which is essentially a full-scale conflict between our heroes and a unified collection of villains.

Without spoiling too much, the Heroes now have enough knowledge to fight the Paranormal Liberation Front head-on, due in large part to some stealthy reconnaissance work from Hawks. And at the end of this conflict, our heroes won’t be the same as the ones we started with at the climax of season five.

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However, Studio Bones has already promised two new OVAs to fans who are impatiently awaiting the release of fresh episodes. In a tribute to the sports shonen genre, the first one, titled “HLB,” will see our heroes taking on the game of baseball. Look out for it in June 2022.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Trailer: When Can I See It?


My Hero Academia will likely show more new footage around August or September 2022, but in the meantime, check out the video above for a preview of what’s happened in the build-up to season six.

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