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Learn About “Hugo Avalos Chanon” Life and Career Stats Including His Age, Wealth, Children, and Family History

“Hugo Avalos Chanon” birthdate is unknown. So is his zodiac sign. He was a Mexican from Southeast Portland. On April 29, 2013, he died. He died at 41. He died at Interstate Meat Distributors Inc. His parents and siblings are unknown. He never revealed his schooling or credentials.

Hugo Avalos Chanon’s Childhood and Early Life

It is not known when exactly Hugo Avalos Chanon was born in its entirety. Because of this, his zodiac sign is likewise a complete unknown. He was originally from Mexico but made his home in the Southeast of Portland, Oregon. Furthermore, he passed away on April 29, 2013, so that’s out. He had barely reached the age of 41 when he passed away unexpectedly.

His death resulted from an accident at a factory that processed meat and was owned by Interstate Meat Distributors Inc. There is no information on his family, including his parents and siblings. Additionally, he never disclosed any information on his educational history or credentials.

Hugo Avalos Chanon’s Professional Life

Hugo Avalos Chanon specializes in house cleaning as their main line of business. DCS Sanitation Management Inc. was his employer when he passed away. Daily cleaning of Interstate Meat Distributors‘ meat processing equipment is the responsibility of the company engaged in the job.

Before his death, he had spent the evening cleaning the machinery at the butcher shop. The cleaning contractor fell into a mechanical mixer on Friday night, as was discussed in detail by his family (April 29, 2013). Before midnight, paramedics were dispatched to the factory. A blender with him stuck in it was discovered. To control the amount of fat in beef, that mixer is put to work.

Firefighters arrived at the factory the next day to retrieve his body by dismantling the relevant machinery. The state of Oregon probed the situation by interviewing potential witnesses and analyzing the available evidence. Due to an October subpoena concerning a potential risk, manufacturing records were also examined.

hugo avalos chanon
Hugo Avalos chanon

Inspectors from the State Occupational Health and Safety Department found that the meat-grinding machines had not been secured throughout the cleaning process. Therefore, they concluded that the unanticipated startup of the device may have been the cause of this character’s demise.

Darrin Hoy, president of Interstate Meat Distributors, has stated that his firm is being completely transparent with investigators. In 2007, a consumer notice was issued due to problems at the manufacturing. At the time, authorities linked E. coli bacteria, which might be fatal, to the ground beef produced by the plant. An accident occurred there in 2005, the Oregonian said. Read more; Scholly Net worth: All Important Information!

The Relationship Status of Hugo Avalos Chanon

At the time of his demise, no information on Hugo Avalos Chanon’s love life was available to the public. This well-known person may have been reared in the United States or Mexico. Thus, it’s feasible that he had his own family in either of those countries.

It’s also likely that he never got married and focused all his energy on his career instead of having a personal life. Despite this, even after a significant amount of time has gone by since his death, there is still a lack of clarity regarding our understanding of this topic. Read more; Michael J Fox Net Worth: How His Earnings Have Changed His Lifestyle Over the Years!

The Death of Hugo Avalos Chanon: What Caused It?

Hugo Avalos Chanon was working at a meat processing facility when he accidentally slipped into an industrial blender, ultimately leading to his death.

Hugo, who was 41 years old and lived in the Southeast Portland neighborhood, was pronounced dead at Interstate Meat Distributors Inc. not long after the terrible event had a place. Hugo was an employee of the sanitation management firm that was responsible for the daily cleaning of the equipment used in the meat processing plant.

According to the investigation’s findings, the chamber where the meat was being ground was improperly secured, and the hose he was using to clean became caught up in the machine, drawing him in. Avalos-Chanon was claimed to have died from “blunt force injuries and chopping wounds,” according to Dr. Cliff Young, a deputy state medical examiner. Read more: Andrew Tate Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Is There a Video Recording of Hugo Avalos Chanon’s Death?

The tragic events that led up to Hugo’s demise are discussed once more, and a purported video of him passing away is passed around.

The incident in 2013 has recently been brought to people’s attention, and they are debating it on various social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter. A significant number of individuals have gone on the hunt for the video of his death as a result of the odd circumstances that surrounded his passing.


Hugo Avalos Chanon was a contractor in Mexico who worked in the cleaning industry. On April 29, 2013, Hugo Avalos Chanon was featured in the press due to his unexpected death at his place of employment, Interstate Meat Distributors.

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