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Why Jennifer Lawrence Almost Cancelled Her Marriage to Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence exclaims that she is “so delighted” that she decided to go through with being married to Cooke Maroney. 2019’s “Causeway,” Lawrence’s most recent picture, saw her discover she had started to identify with her character’s aversion to commitment.

She told the New York Times in a Wednesday interview that when you don’t fully understand yourself, you don’t know where to put yourself. After that, I met my husband, who told me to “Put yourself here.” That feels right, but what if it’s not? I thought.

Though she hadn’t been “aware of it” while filming, the “Silver Linings Playbook” actress later learned that she was experiencing commitment anxiety. On the red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence acknowledged having commitment anxiety prior to her nuptials to Cooke Maroney.

Then I went back, and now that I’m making this family at home with my husband, I’m so glad I remained,” she said. I’m relieved that I did not panic, call off the wedding, flee, or declare that “I’ll never be taken down!” Cooke Maroney and Jennifer Lawrence leave for dinner in New York City.

Lawrence expressed her happiness about moving forward with the 2019 Rhode Island wedding.
Source: SplashNews.com, Robert O’Neil. In Newport, Rhode Island, Lawrence, 32, wed Maroney in an extravagant ceremony in October 2019. She married the director of the art gallery there in fronts of stars like Adele, Kris Jenner, and Emma Stone in the storied Belcourt of Newport estate.

The “Joy” actress never published images of her Dior wedding dress, which had its own hotel room before the big event and included a sequined neckline, but paparazzi pictures did. Maroney, on the other hand, chose a traditional tuxedo.

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