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No Shortage of Holiday Shoppers, Returns Day After Christmas at Roosevelt Field Mall

People who were off work on Monday took advantage of the extra time to complete their holiday shopping and return purchases. Even after Santa Claus had departed his post at the Roosevelt Field Mall, there was still a large number of holiday shoppers there.

Chris Cataldo, a resident of New Hyde, was quoted as saying, “Done some late holiday shopping for portions of the family I haven’t seen yet.” Cataldo claimed that during the previous few years, the pandemic has prevented him from conducting a significant amount of in-store Christmas shopping.

He remarked that it was “great to be back in the store” and that it was “good to just get everything done all at once instead of having to order.” Some individuals came to exchange products or make returns. Rossella Petrone, a resident of Belle Harbor, stated that her family was in the process of exchanging some sneakers for her two kids.

Others were looking to score some after-holiday sales. “Recently, I went to Zara, and when I got there, they informed me that there was going to be a sale that day. After doing some research online, I discovered that the store would open at nine in the morning, indicating that the sale will begin soon. Consequently, I decided to visit the store today “remarked a native of Queens named Manny Jakhu.

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Due to a lack of Christmas trees, some farms have had to cut their seasons short. Those interviewed by Jenna DeAngelis of CBS2 who wanted to dodge the crowds at shopping malls headed to retailers at the Gallery at Westbury Plaza in the hopes of quickly entering and exiting the complex.

“Just giving some things back. The queues weren’t that terrible of a problem. We left at an appropriate hour, “added Malverne resident Joanne Tesoriero. “Was it your strategy to leave the house so early?” DeAngelis asked.

“Yes. Absolutely, just before the frantic rush. Therefore, at 10 o’clock, the doors opened, and we were there “Tesoriero stated. “A great deal of time spent online, followed by the process of going back. The only time I ever go to the store is at that time, “Tesoriero stated.

According to a survey published by Salesforce, in the three weeks that followed Cyber Week, online sales in the United States increased by eight percent compared to the same period of the previous year, with a total of $97 billion being spent. However, it forecasts that holiday sales will increase by more than fifty percent.

“We are sending back a few of the Christmas presents that we were given. Because of this, we are going to look into getting sizes that are more appropriate “Jesse Menghini from Bayville was quoted as saying. Although Lauren Belle does not accept refunds, she recommends waiting until after Christmas to do your shopping.

Belle said that there were a lot of sales made today. We’ve got a little bit more shopping to do, so we’re about to go to the mall. In spite of the obstacles posed by inflation, the National Retail Federation has projected that holiday sales will increase by between 6 and 8 percent in comparison to last year.

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