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Patti Labelle Net worth: Early Life, Career& Personal Life!

Patti LaBelle is a legendary American singer, novelist, businesswoman, and actor. Labelle, originally known as Path LaBelle and the Blue Belles, is her most well-known band. LaBelle has also appeared in a number of films. Maybe you’re familiar with Patti LaBelle.

Patti Labelle Early Life

Patti LaBelle was born Patricia Louise Holt-Edwards on May 24, 1944. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she was born to Henry and Bertha Holte. Her father and mother worked as railway employees and housewives, respectively. LaBelle has three siblings, with just one younger than her. They are all women.

Her childhood can hardly be called average. For example, her parents were in an abusive marriage, and she was only seven years old when she was sexually abused by a family acquaintance named Jackie Wilson. Her parents also divorced when she was twelve.

Patti Labelle’s Personal Life

Otis Williams and LaBelle married in 1964. They did, however, break it off due to schedule issues. Williams was one of The Temptation’s original members. Four years later, in 1969, she married Armstead Edwards, a lifelong acquaintance. Zuri Kye Edwards, the couple’s kid, was born. The marriage split in the late 1990s and the divorce was formalized in 2000.

Prior to the divorce, Edwards became LaBelle’s manager once she opted to pursue a solo career. Her son thereafter took up the post. Aside from her family, LaBelle considers two others to be her sons. Stanley and Dodd are their names. The two are the sons of the late Venita, who resided nearby.

Vivian Rogers, her elder sister, died of lung cancer in 1992, at the age of 42. A decade later, at the age of 41, LaBelle lost another sister, the second born named Barbara Purifoy, to colon cancer. Jacqueline Padgett was just 43 years old when she died of lung cancer. As a result, she has no living sister. LaBelle has properties in the Bahamas and Los Angeles, as well as a property in Wynnewood, a Philadelphia suburb.

Patti Labelle Height, Weight, And Age

Patti LaBelle was born on May 24, 1944, and will be 78 years old on October 8, 2022. Her height is 1.65 meters and her weight is 65 kg.

Patti Labelle Career

LaBelle and the other girls started a singing group when they were fifteen years old. It was known as The Blue Belles. In the 1960s, the trio signed with Newton Records, which was eventually acquired by Atlantic Records. Their success was limited.

They not only changed their name to LaBelle but also signed with Warner Bros. in 1970. After signing with RCA Records, they released the song Lady Marmalade in 1973. This band’s discography includes 11 studio albums, two live albums, five compilation albums, and 36 singles.

Among their albums are Over the Rainbow, LaBelle, Phoenix, Chameleon, and Back to Now. To name a few, singles include I Sold My Heart to the Junkman, Down the Aisle, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Danny Boy, Lady Marmalade, and What Can I Do for You.

They separated the group four years later, and LaBelle opted to go solo. Her career was rocky, but she persisted. She is now well-known for her great theatre career. LaBelle has released 18 studio albums, three live albums, eight compilation albums, and 47 singles as a solo artist. Patti LaBelle, Tasty, Be Yourself, Germs, and Bel Homage are among them. Among them is a vast list of her singles. You’re My Friend; I Don’t Go Shopping; New Attitude, All This Love, and New Day

Patti Labelle’s Net worth

Patti Labelle Net worth

Patti LaBelle’s net worth is projected to be more than $65 million as of October 2022. Music is her principal source of income. They sold over 100 million albums as a group, and her solo career was no exception. She also has other paying jobs, such as songwriting, film score composer, entrepreneur, and novelist. LaBelle also has a thriving theatre career. All of the aforementioned factors contribute to her present net worth.

Patti LaBelle is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter. She is also an entrepreneur, actor, film score composer, singer-songwriter, and author. She rose to prominence as a member of The Blue Belles, which eventually became LaBelle and ultimately dissolved. Following that, she launched her solo career.

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