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Prince Charles Secret Son, Writes to the Queen Before She Passes Away

An Australian man who claims to be the “hidden son” of King Charles and Camilla has stepped forward to reveal his farewell letter to the late monarch.

A man from Queensland has come forward with the contents of the final letter he addressed to the Queen, pleading with her to acknowledge his background and accept him as the lovechild of King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort.

Since the demise of the Queen, the story of Simon Dorante-decades-long Day’s quest to verify his ancestry has received significant public attention.

Dorante-Day claims he was adopted by a local couple whose parents worked for the Queen and Prince Philip after he was born in Portsmouth in 1966. He believes that his grandmother told him right away that he was Charles and Camilla’s kid, and that there is a convoluted sequence of issues related to his birth certificate that may be viewed as “cover-ups.”

It seems that keeping his name, “Simon Charles,” was a requirement of the adoption process. The release of the contents of his letter to the Queen was met with the words, “I think it’s time – it’s time for the world to read this,” which he shared with 7NEWS.com.au.

prince charles secret son
prince charles secret son

I’ve been keeping the letter’s contents to myself until now, but in light of her death, I feel it’s only fitting to reveal its contents to the world. Read also: Kadarius Toney Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, and Other Factors

I was saddened by the fact that she had passed away before answering my reply. That was my initial thought; I’m disappointed that the time is now up for that possibility.

Dorante-Day writes that he tried to contact the Queen through Queensland’s Governor General, Dr. Jeanette Young, to verify his royal ancestry. He also claims that cosmetic surgery was performed to lessen the visual similarities between himself and the new King and Queen Consort.

When he was eight years old, he claims, his blue eyes were forcibly altered to brown, and when he was fifteen, two of his teeth were filed down. I did these things, I said to myself, to protect my anonymity.

Dorante-Day thinks it would be “nave” of him to assume the Queen hadn’t heard of his charges, given the widespread coverage of his assertions in the media. Read also: Paul Quantrill Son: is Cal Quantrill His Son

“Therefore, in due time, you will all be cognizant of the steps I have lately initiated and the degree of attention this has already garnered. On behalf of my loved ones and myself, I am penning you now to implore your intervention in settling this matter and putting an end to this worldwide onslaught.

He said, “May God give you the strength to come forward.”

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