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Katie Darling: the Us House Candidate in Louisiana Uses a Birthing Scene in Her Campaign Commercial

A stunning new film highlighting the candidate: Katie Darling” who’s philanthropic beginnings has been released by a contender for the United States Congress in Louisiana’s first congressional district.

The Statement About Katie Darling Birthing Scene

The Democratic candidate in the Louisiana congressional election against Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise produced a social media commercial that features footage of the candidate giving birth.

Katie Darling claimed she chose to run for office at seven months pregnant in response to the June Supreme Court decision that removed constitutional safeguards for abortion. The 75-second clip starts in September on Darling’s family farm in St. Tammany parish and ends with her clinging to the side of a hospital bed as she gives birth.

“I wanted to express that this is genuine for me,” Darling, 36, told The Associated Press. Nobody else has the right to tell me how to manage the fact that I am the one in the hospital bed, hooked up to the machines and the IVs, giving birth.

In a voiceover, Darling expresses her worries about global warming, the state of education in Louisiana, and the state’s nearly total abortion ban, with the only exceptions being “medically futile pregnancies,” in which the fetus has a fatal abnormality, and when the patient’s life or health is in imminent danger. No one will be given a pass for committing rape or incest.

In the video, Darling argues that Louisiana should do better than it already does. As the camera pans to her husband in the hospital ward, she says, “I want that better road for you.” This is “for her” since her 6-year-old daughter can be seen in the accompanying video. She looks down at her newborn son and adds, “And for him,” as if speaking straight into the camera from her hospital bed.

katie darling
Katie darling

According to Kelly Dittmar, director of research at Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics, mothers being utilized as a selling factor in political advertising is a recent trend for women.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Dittmar said, “In all of these cases (candidates) are leveraging their motherhood in their identity and their birthing as saying, ‘I understand most intuitively, and I’m most devoted to these concerns in the future because of my children.'”

Despite the success of her commercial, which has had over a million views and almost 6,000 retweets as of Tuesday afternoon, Darling still has an uphill road to win a seat that Republicans have controlled since 1977.

Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District, which Scalise has represented since 2008 and stretches from New Orleans’s suburbs and Lake Pontchartrain’s northern coast to the Mississippi River delta, will vote on whether to re-elect him in November for a ninth consecutive term. He disclosed more than $8 million in cash in his most recent campaign finance form. Darling has yet to reveal the total amount she has collected.

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