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Could It Be True or is It Simply Hearsay That; Carley Shimkus Pregnant

Although “Carley Shimkus Pregnant” This news is surrounded all over the media, she is in her mid-thirties, and the internet is rife with rumors that she is expecting a child, there is some truth.

The journalist reported the story on FOX & Friends First this morning

“I’m here to make an announcement, and it’s that I’m pregnant!” Shimkus grinned and started on air.

She said that the due date for the baby is in February and remarked that it “still doesn’t feel real.” The headline on the screen during the newscast read, “CARLEY IS PREGNANT!” “I’m going to be a mom! This makes me excited. I can’t wait to finally see my husband, Pete, with our new baby. He is going to be the finest possible parent! “There have been a lot of changes, but they’ve all been positive,” she remarked.

The gender of the baby boy was discovered when the wrapping on two boxes of blue-frosted cupcakes was removed, and the boxes were opened.

Shimkus was delighted while she was on camera as her co-stars showed viewers the cakes they had made. She remarked, “I know that babies are born every second of the day, and it is the most amazing experience of my life.” “I know that babies are born every second of the day.”

“When you hear the heartbeat for the first time on the ultrasonography, I burst into tears. I was utterly taken aback by how emotional I felt.

After the cast had oohed and aahed over the ultrasound image displayed on the screen, Shimkus commented, “I believe he’s got a great nose, but I’m biased.”

Her co-star Janice Dean announced the news on Twitter, writing, “ICYMI: Our very own Carley Shimkus is going to have a baby. And the baby will be a boy!”

carley shimkus pregnant
Carley Shimkus pregnant

Many people on social media have expressed their delight and happiness for Shimkus. One of them said, “Oh my goodness, this is fantastic news. I am over the moon happy for Carley and her husband. Another person wrote, “Congratulations on the New Baby Boy!” in response to the news.

Born on November 7, 1986, Shimkus is now a co-host of the show Fox and Friends First. After Jillian Mele left the firm in 2021 to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree at La Salle University in Philadelphia, she was succeeded by her.

The soon-to-be mother works as a producer for FOX Business Network and has been a co-host for FOX Nation since she first joined the network in 2009. She is expecting her first child the following year. Since August 2015, the businessman Buchignani has been married to Shimkus.

According to HindiAble, he has worked in sales for a significant amount of time, holding jobs at Amherst Pierpont Securities, Barclays Capital, and Deutsch Financial Institution, among other companies.

According to the site, Shimkus and Buchignani first crossed paths in 2011 during a party celebrating Shimkus’ 23rd birthday.

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