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Purdue University Student Accused of Murdering His Roommate Claims He Was ‘blackmailed’

While speaking to media on his way to his first court appearance on Friday, a student at Purdue University who is charged with murder in connection with the fatal stabbing of his roommate earlier this week said that he was “blackmailed” by his roommate’s family.

Ji Min Sha, 22, a student from Seoul, South Korea majoring in cybersecurity, was taken into custody on a preliminary charge of murder in connection with the death of 20-year-old Varun Manish Chheda, a student from Indianapolis majoring in data science, according to previous statements made by Purdue Police Chief Lesley Write.

Just before one in the morning on Wednesday, Sha “alerted us to the death of his roommate” at McCutcheon Hall, according to Write, who stated that the department got a 911 call from Sha. She stated that the department rushed within minutes and “immediately” took Sha into custody after receiving the report.

According to WTHR, an NBC station in Indianapolis, which cited court papers in its story, the 22-year-old male told police that he had just slain his roommate with a knife when they arrived on the scene.

Purdue University Student Accused of Murdering

According to the records, responding cops discovered Sha inside the room with blood on his clothing and body. She had also been covered in blood. According to the prosecution, officers found Chheda dead in a chair, and a folding knife was located on the floor near where he was found. According to the findings of a preliminary autopsy, Chheda died as a result of several injuries to his head and neck that were caused by blunt force trauma.

The head of the police department, Wiete, has described the act of violence as “unprovoked” and “senseless.” The inquiry has not yet determined a motive. When asked, “Do you have anything to say?” on Friday, Sha responded to the question by telling the media that he was “blackmailed” She was being taken to a court hearing at the time.

In response to a question from another journalist who wanted to know whether Sha had anything to say to the family of the victim, Sha said, “I’m really sorry.” Following her release from immigration detention, a woman from Ukraine was able to reunite with her family.

A second suspect has been detained in connection with the fatal shooting of a police officer at the Bradley Hotel. After the initial hearing on Friday, the court decided to postpone the official charging of Sha until the following Friday, October 13. Up until the time of the hearing, he will be detained in jail without being allowed to post bond.

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