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A non-fiction culinary competition series may be your thing, in which case you’ve probably heard of, but never seen, one of the upcoming productions that will have you cheering on the contestants as they go head-to-head in the kitchen. As a result, it has been regarded as one of the most popular cooking shows in the United States. We’re confident you figured it out. A modern reimagining of an age-old culinary rivalry, it’s the fabled Rat in the Kitchen. The first season featured an hour of weekly unscripted culinary chaos, the results of which harmed the rat in the kitchen. The second season is expected to continue the fight against the rat in the kitchen, following in the footsteps of the first.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release Date

TBS will begin airing a preliminary season of the show on March 31, and the show will run for a total of 10 hours, with six participants battling it out in a culinary competition. In the end, we’ll find out who is the kitchen’s rat of the year. It’s expected that the second season will continue in much the same way as the first one, but the official release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 1 Release Date March 31, 2022
Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release Date Not Announced
Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release Date

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Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Story

A more accurate term for the Rat in the Kitchen television series would be “culinary chaos,” with the new age concept of intentionally sabotaging the other contestants on the show.

In reference to the ‘Rat in the Kitchen. It would involve a group of six contestants cooking for their lives, but there’s a catch: one of the chefs will be disguised as a rat in the kitchen, causing constant damage to the other chefs’ stoves. Finally, at a later point in the series, the rat’s antics would be noticed by someone.

Wild guesses and chaotic situations are what we can call the ultimate culinary craziness in this scenario. When all is said and done the rat who has successfully sabotaged others will be crowned champion. The first series’ plotline would almost certainly be carried over to the second series, which would continue the hunt for more of these friendly kitchen rat impersonators.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Cast

There will be a Warner Media-backed network behind this show’s production. Chef Ludo Lefebvre, one of the most well-known names in the culinary world, will co-host the first season, which will be hosted by comedian Natasha Leggero. Each episode features a number of six contestants, each fighting to keep their food from the ‘rat’ while the undercover one is seen trying to ruin it for everyone else.

Executive producers like Adam Reed, Adam Freeman, Simon Thomas, Bernie Schaeffer, Kenny Rosen, and Glenn Hugill would also be required to be big personalities. To top it all off, the first season would not have been what it was without the tremendous effort put in by everyone on the cast and crew. As with the first season, fans can expect to see some familiar faces as well as some fresh faces and a new crop of talented chefs in the second.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Trailer

The TBS network has not made an official announcement about the release date of the second season trailer for this brand new show. There isn’t a whisper of a rumor floating around about this. On the 15th of February, the first season trailer was released. In other words, we can expect a sneak peek at the second season’s trailer before the show’s official premiere next week.

Where To Watch Rat In The Kitchen Season 2?

The first season will be primarily aired on the TBS network beginning March 31st, but it will also be available to stream on TBS’s IOS and Apple devices. Following in the footsteps of the first season, the second season is expected to premiere in those locations.

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