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Sheila Ford Hamp Net Worth: Family& Age!

Sheila Ford Hamp’s parents, William Clay Ford and Martha Firestone Ford placed her at the intersection of the Ford and Firestone family trees when she was born in Detroit, Michigan. Sheila began her career as a successful businesswoman and sports entrepreneur a few years after she graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree.

She had earned her degree in business administration. During her time at Yale, she participated in a variety of athletic events. The fact that this woman comes from not one but two affluent families and manages a number of different enterprises causes one to wonder what kind of fortune she has amassed. Sheila Ford Hamp is discussed in this article in detail for your convenience.

Sheila Ford Hamp Age

Sheila came into the world in 1951. It is likely that she is in her early to late 60s or early to mid-70s at this point.

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Sheila Ford Hamp’s Net Worth

It is thought that Sheila Ford Hamp inherited a substantial amount of riches from her family’s business empire. It is now reported that her net worth ranges between 4 and 10 billion dollars. Sheila Ford Hamp House was the address. Sheila Ford Hamp, the chairman of the Detroit Lions, resides in Ann Arbor with her family. She holds this position.

Sheila Ford Hamp Net Worth

The Family Of Sheila Ford Hamp

Sheila Ford Hamp, chair and principal owner of the Detroit Lions stands in the middle with her mother, Martha Firestone Ford, chair emeritus and owner of the Detroit Lions, on the right, as former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is presented with his Hall of Fame ring during halftime of the first half of an NFL football game in Detroit on September 26, 2021.

The game is being played on a Sunday. Sheila Hamp is married to Steve Hamp and serves on the boards of The Ford Motor Company Fund and the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House. She has been the vice-chairman of the Detroit Lions since 2014 when she succeeded her mother in the position.

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