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Shooting on South Carolina Beach Wounds Six

On Friday afternoon, a gunshot occurred on a beach in South Carolina, according to the police. Sgt. Matthew Storen provided preliminary information that indicated that officers were initially summoned to a section of the beach at Ocean Boulevard and 14th Avenue at approximately 5:24 p.m. due to reports of minor altercations starting.

Some 10 police officers were responding to the conflicts when multiple bullets were fired, according to Storen. Isle of Palms Police Chief Kevin Cornett stated that he had not recently witnessed anything like the shooting during a briefing on Friday night. He proclaimed, “I’ve been residing here for four years.”

In the four years that I have been here, we haven’t experienced one. The four individuals who were transported to the hospital by emergency medical services to receive treatment for gunshot wounds were previously disclosed by the authorities. Nevertheless, that number had grown to six by the time Chief Cornett gave an update shortly after 8 p.m.

According to Cornett, the majority of the victims were adolescents. Older adults were also present. It was thought that at least one victim was unrelated to the argument that resulted in the shooting. According to the authorities, the first four victims did not appear to be in danger of dying from their wounds. Other victims who arrived at hospitals in private automobiles, according to police, may have been present.

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Although police stated several detectives were working on the case, they did not have any information on the suspects. Police determined that neither residents nor tourists to the Isle of Palms were under any threat. Although there are already a number of people in custody on weapons-related charges, Cornett said, “We don’t know that any of them were necessarily the person who shot.”

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The chief stated that hundreds would be a “reasonable estimate” even though he was unsure of the exact number of persons on the beach when the shots were fired. Following the shooting, the beach was closed. If new information becomes available, the department intends to provide it.



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