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Who is Taylor Paul: Storyline about “Taylor Paul Husband divorce”

On May 25, ” Taylor Paul Husband divorce” declared via a TikTok live broadcast, during which she and her husband,d Tate Paul had been living in an open marriage in which they periodically included other individuals from their “soft swinging” buddy circle.

Who is Taylor  Paul?

Taylor Paul is a well-known fitness model, social media personality, influencer, and TikTok star who is from the United States. She is also considered to be an Internet celebrity. Paul was born on the 23rd of May in the year 1994, and she is now 27 years old.

She stars her mother and father in the funny sketches that she uploads to her TikTok channel. Her YouTube channel now has a significant number of subscribers thanks to these videos.

The Life Story of Taylor Paul

Taylor Frankie Paul was born on May 23, 1994, in the city of Salt Lake City, which is located in the state of Utah, United States. Taylor Frankie Paul is the complete form of her birth name. In 2021, she recently marked her 27th birthday with a party.

Her elementary education was completed in a school in the area. After that, she continued her education by enrolling at a reputable institution of higher learning in the United States. Taylor has not revealed much information about her school history on her social media accounts.

The Paul Family of Taylor

Frankie Taylor Paul has been silent in his blog about his wife’s parang. She was reportedly born to Jeremy May (the father) and Liann May (the mother) (mother). Her parents were professionals; her dad worked for Craig,n, and her mom sold houses. Paul has a strong relationship with her family.

taylor paul husband divorce
Taylor paul husband divorce

She’s one of three siblings. Her sister’s name is Aspen May, and her brother’s name is Hunter May. The photo she sent to her article suggests that her family vacation destination was the Hawaiian Islands. Tylor is a Christian who is of a multiracial background.

The Husband of Taylor Paul

Paul is a prominent model who is known for his youth and good looks. In January 2016, she had her first encounter with Tate Paul, and the two of them soon began dating each other. Tate popped the question to Tylor on August 7, 2016, after the couple had been dating for eight months. In December 2016, Tate Paul and Taylor Paul became engaged and married.

Tate Paul held the position of Sales Manager at a private firm during his career. At the moment, he is employed at AdvancedMD as a district manager. The two are making the most of their life together at the house they share in Utah. Read more:Kat Stickler Divorce: Explain Briefly!

Divorce storyline of Taylor paul

Paul declared the dissolution of her marriage in a May 25 TikTok live broadcast. She said she and her husband, Tate Paul had an open marriage and brought “soft swinging” friends into their relationship.

Paul said soft swinging meant friends might be sexually intimate with each other but not with anybody other than their spouse. Paul indicated that she slept with another community member without her husband’s knowledge and formed an affection for them.

Many wondered if Paul’s Mormon friends were engaged with the “soft-swinging” club. Paul’s pals rejected membership. Read more; What Caused John Denver Divorce?

Paul recently posted information of her divorce unit d its consequences on TikTok. She reacted to a comment in an August 11 video,o “I’m curious how she is off-camera. I feel horrible since she’s probably depressed and tries to be joyful.”

Paul’s TikTok remarked, “I’m sad.” “I contacted a doctor today asking for anti-anxiety, and depression medicines since I’m struggling. Nearly 90 pounds is unhealthy for my height and age.”

She continued, “I’m lost.” “I give myself an hour to psychologically break down — weep, laugh, whatever makes me experience the sensations,” she told viewers.

Paul said she’d lost several friends in the divorce and controversy.

“I don’t know if this is divorce, big loss, or losing my dearest pals,” she added. “Betrayal. I lied. People don’t know, won’t know, or didn’t see so much behind the scenes. I’m suffering.”

Paul remarked, “I can’t take a break from social media since I have large prospects and am contracted in various areas.” Read more: Janni And Jon Olsson Divorce: Explain Briefly!

“My release. I stay. As you can see, I’m an emotional disaster here, which is why I find it so hilarious. My life is crumbling.”


Taylor Frankie Paul, a famous TikTok star, is receiving significant attention on various social media platforms. The information that TikToker and her spouse Tate Paul were getting a divorce was widely disseminated online. The one who wields influence believes that the two are no longer together. On the other hand, consumers of the internet have difficulty comprehending that their favorite pair from the internet is breaking up.

Because of the drama that unfolded on Reddit and TikTok, some people have assumed that Taylor and her husband Tate are going to seek a divorce. However, it is challenging to determine whether aspects of the story presented in Taylor’s TikTok videos are accurate.

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