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Teen Shot Many Times Runs into Store for Aid, as Seen in Surveillance Footage

Teen shot many times runs into the store for aid, as seen in surveillance footage. A store owner recounts her terrifying encounter when a teenager who had been shot numerous times raced into her family’s store in a desperate attempt to get assistance.

Police are still looking for the shooter as of Friday night. The 16-year-old victim was being treated by medical professionals at Grady Memorial Hospital after suffering several gunshot wounds, and Channel 2’s Michael Seiden was there.

The teen’s identity is unknown. Police said he was wounded twice in the leg but were expected to live; his condition has not been made public. An officer from Henry County was shot and badly injured; the police have issued a BOLO for the shooter.

In Georgia, 2 Powerball tickets for $1 million were purchased at Publix and through a lottery app. After colliding with a Clayton County police officer, a young father died and a toddler was hurt. Seiden spoke with a company owner who requested anonymity. She claimed that when the teen ran inside, she was merely going about her business behind the counter.

The teen ran into a dry cleaning shop on November 1 at 4 p.m. in the Glenwood Park neighborhood, as captured on surveillance camera. The 16-year-old youngster can be seen in the footage running straight for a changing area.

He was just quite agitated and kept yelling, “Oh, ma’am! I was just shot! They are pursuing me right now! Can I hide in here? said the company owner. “He was frantically calling his mom,” said the witness. She claimed that she only noticed two tiny holes in his pants and no blood.

The owner of the shop claimed that when the initial shock subsided, she became afraid since it was obvious the teen was concerned the shooter was still in the area. “(He was) screaming and weeping and pleading with me not to let anyone in and to not let me if I see someone chasing after him,” she recalled. “Lock every door. Call 911.”

The teen was shot inside a parking garage on Glenwood Avenue, according to the police. The suspects’ descriptions have not been made public by the police. Although she is still in shock, the business owner expressed her gratitude to her customers for following up with her and making sure she is okay.

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