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The Chosen Season 3 Release Date, Cast & More Latest Information!

As long as the story of Jesus Christ’s astonishing miracles continues, viewers may expect a third season of The Chosen to be full of shocks and laughs. The Chosen, a spiritual drama series directed by Dallas Jenkins, is based on the real-life stories of Jesus and his disciples.

Critics and viewers alike have lauded the show, which is a major selling point for the network. Watching him in the starring part makes our hearts peaceful and warm, and the acting by cast members makes it more engaging. It has established a separate fan following of Jesus’ followers.

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When is Season 3 of the Chosen Coming Out?

As of February 2022, the screenplay was completed and 5000 has already been filmed at the Capernaum Studios, therefore we can expect the third season of The Chosen to be released in November 2022, as the post-production process would take at least three to five months after the actual filming concludes. On June 13th, there will also be a Christmas special.

This year’s season will contain 8 episodes, which is an increase in length over prior years. The Chosen App will provide free access to all episodes. Roku, Apple TV, and even Firestick are now able to stream The Chosen.

Chosen Cast Revealed Some Details On the Set

Season 3 of The Chosen will feature a major part of Jordan Ross’s character, Little James, as well as the story of Tamar, which he has confirmed. There’s still so much to look forward to! The days are long and hot, but the cast and crew are prepared for anything that comes their way.

Amber Williams’ Tamar teased that we’d learn more about her character’s troubles in the upcoming episode. In addition, there is a new female character named Jolly.

We’ll see Nathaniel’s fall from a confident businessman to utter disaster in the opening episode of season 3. A miracle happened to DJ, and it transformed him into who he is now. Dallas also related his experiences, saying he had gone through similar circumstances and even fretted about questioning God’s existence throughout his profession.

Due to adverse weather conditions, filming has been halted on the production team’s set.

The cast of The Chosen Season 3

The upcoming season of The Chosen will feature Jonathan Roumie as Jesus, along with his disciples and mother, Mary. Tamar, played by Amber Williams, and the rest of the cast have all been announced for the upcoming season.

Recurring Cast

  • Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene
  • Shahar Issac will be cast as Simon
  • Noah James as Andrew
  • Paras Patel as Matthew
  • Shaan Sharma as Shmuel
  • Janis Dardaris as Zohara
  • George Harrison Xanthis as John Disciple
  • Vanessa Benavente as Mary
  • Lara Silva as Eden
  • Nick Shakoour as Zebedee
  • David Amito as John The Baptizer

New Cast

  • Amber Williams as Tamar
  • Luke Dimyan as Judas Iscariot
  • Aalok Mehta as Barnaby

Will The Chosen Have a Season 3?

It has been formally stated by Dallas Jenkins that the third season of The Chosen will be returning. A look at Angel Studios’s official website reveals that the third season of The Chosen is fully funded, meaning the show’s producers have the money to make a fourth. However, the series creators have yet to establish a release date.

Scripts for the future season of Dallas were revealed in a video released to the show’s official YT channel on February 3rd, 2022. When he was asked how he wrote the scripts for the third season of the holy series, he disclosed that his inspiration came from Jesus’ lifelong commitment to serving the poor and suffering. Seasons 1 and 2 of The Chosen are now available for rebroadcast.

The Chosen Season 3
The Chosen Season 3

When Will Season 3 of The Chosen Begin Filming?

The third season’s pre-production began in January 2022, and actual photography began on May 1, 2022, at Dallas, Texas’s Capernaum Studios. The Chosen director DJ has provided some behind-the-scenes photos from the production of the upcoming third season. There’s also an interview with John and Eden’s co-stars, George Xanthias and Lara Silva, on the writing for season 3.

The first week of season three filming wrapped up on May 8th, according to DJ, and the second week of filming closes up on May 15th. The Chosen 3’s fourth week of production completed on May 31st, 2022, and the fifth week of filming will wind up on June 12th, 2022.

According to the actor portraying John the Baptist, they spent the entire day filming a single scene in prison on June 3rd, 2022. The actor said he had the nicest time working with the Chosen on the prison scenario.

The team is having a difficult time shooting because of the wet conditions. The sky was covered with clouds, and half of the time it was raining. Season 3 of the Chosen, on the other hand, is nearly through filming and is set to wrap up in June 2022.

Why Was Season 3 of The Chosen Delayed?

As of this writing, DJ is exhibiting signs of recovery from his mental health concerns, thanks to the amazing support from his followers. Although DJ is well, The Chosen Season 3 production issues haven’t gone away as the official filming location is still under construction, which is slowing down the show’s progress.

You may help the creators by purchasing a few items from The Chosen Gifts website. The masks will go on sale on April 1, 2022, at the earliest. Remember the billboard before you binge-watch The Chosen Season 3. As long as there aren’t any major stumbling blocks in the way of production, it’ll be released in the future. We pray that DJ will recover quickly and return to the set of the amazing Jesus series.

After seeing at least one season of The Chosen, most of the show’s viewers have decided to pursue spirituality and self-improvement. As a result, they’re on the lookout for new sources of Jesus and Mary’s loving energy to infuse their consciousness. Millions of fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the new season since the show is so captivating.

What Will happen in The Chosen Season 3? 

The 3rd season of the Chosen will be about some remarkable miracles done by Jesus Christ including feeding 5000 people and calming down the hail storm. As the finale episode of The Chosen season 2 closes up with Sermon on the mount, there is still so much to unveil in the next seasons.

After listening to the sorrowful news that John The Baptist is under the arrest of Jerusalem, Jesus will probably agonize and discovers a method to save him from the anger of King Herod. But according to the Holy Bible, John has to meet his fate, no matter what comes his way. His death will generate hubbub all over Jerusalem and this led to the wrath of God on the evil King and his realm. All defaulters who do not follow his ideals shall be buried under the sand.

We will get to see some additional miracles such as the Sea of Galilee, and walking on water, there is a lot more to explain in the daily occurrences of Jesus in The Chosen Season 3. Gospels have covered numerous subjects that the majority of the people didn’t even notice in today’s environment. Also, the cast is acting the role by heart and that makes this spiritual drama more intriguing and related to our life.

May God bless everyone and his messengers direct us on the path of peace and welfare for all living beings.

What do you believe will be the possible plot of The Chosen Season 3? Heartbreakingly, John The Baptist is still under the talons of the cruel king of Jerusalem and Jesus hasn’t prepared yet to liberate him from the arrest.


If you are a fan of the series “The Chosen Season 3″ is a must-watch. The series is an entertainment & beautiful storyline that will make you go “Awwwwwwww” while watching it (even if you don’t like this expression). Its high-quality graphics make it mesmerizing, along with animation effects. It will engage you for hours, so if you have not watched it yet, do watch it, & let me know how much you like it in the comment section. 

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