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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Release Date, Plot & More Information!

Wait until you hear what the next decade has in store for you if 2020 and 2021 didn’t put your stomach in knots.

Season four of The Handmaid’s Tale premiered in May of 2021, and since then, fans have been wondering if a fifth – yes, a fifth – season is on the way. After all, Gilead has a lot of work to do!

A group of women led by June (Elizabeth Moss) beat Fred Waterford to death in the woods after Season 4. The next day, her husband Luke discovers her in her daughter Nichole’s room, bleeding profusely and distraught. What happens to her at the end, though?

It’s official: Hulu has announced that season five of the popular program will be released.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Release Date

Hulu has revealed that the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale will premiere on September 14 in the United States. It has not yet been disclosed when the worldwide release dates will be. Season 5 will begin with a two-episode launch, which will be followed by weekly Hulu releases of new episodes.

After filming was completed in 2022, this all comes together. The show’s Rita, played by Amanda Brugel, posted a video of herself on the set of season five in February 2022, during which she announced the news on her Instagram page.

The Handmaid’s Tale is thought to be filming in Ontario, Canada, under the code name Ruby Red, according to filming notifications. Brantford, Ontario, would be the preferred location for filming from February to March 2022, according to these plans.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Plot

Hulu has stated that the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale will begin up where season 4 left off. June and other Gilead survivors beat Fred Waterford to death in the woods at the end of the story.

The fifth season’s official title is: “Commander Waterford’s death has left June with a slew of questions about who she is and what she stands for. In Toronto, the widowed Serena tries to get noticed as Gilead’s influence spreads. Aunt Lydia helps Commander Lawrence as he seeks to rebuild Gilead and climb to power. June, Luke, and Moira battle Gilead from afar as they seek to save and reunite with Hannah.”

In an interview with The View, Moira’s Samira Wiley said: “We’re right back where we left off, so to speak. Commander Waterford’s fate is well-known to those who watched the season finale. As a result, June is in a bit of a bind.” May revealed that June will remain in Canada for the upcoming season as she figures out how to defeat Gilead.

In a statement to TVLine, Moss said: “Honestly, this season has been one of the wildest we’ve had. There have been seasons in the past where a lot has happened. There are seasons when things are quieter. Season 5 has me on the verge of disorientation. And this isn’t just a show of good faith. I’m virtually unable to keep up with the sheer volume of activities.”

Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments, the follow-up novel to The Handmaid’s Tale, will also be closer than ever. With Hulu’s confirmation, a future adaptation will take place a decade later. Jordan Helman, Hulu’s head of scripted originals, has already discussed the show’s connection to The Handmaid’s Tale. The beginning of The Testaments on Hulu and the conclusion of The Handmaid’s Tale are linked, he told Deadline.

The Handmaid's Tale Season 5

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Cast

Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale is slated to have a revolving door of the show’s core actors. Moss, Ann Dowd, O-T Fagbenle, Max Minghella, Wiley, Moira, Bradley Whitford, Rita, Serena Waterford, and Janine (played by Yvonne Strahovski) will all be returning to their roles as June and the rest of the cast.

Some of the new characters from Season 4 should make a return as well. After making an impression in Gilead, it is speculated that Mckenna Grace may return as Mrs. Keyes. For her prominent role in Netflix’s revival of Sabrina, the actress is well-known.

After the horrific death of Commander Waterford in season 4, Joseph Fiennes is expected to have a smaller part in the program. The showrunner Bruce Miller intimated to Entertainment Weekly(opens in new tab) that he would “die” to see Joe [Fiennes] again if we didn’t see him in flashbacks.

Only one cast member will be missing from this season: Alexis Bledel, who played Emily Malek, the show’s former handmaid, from seasons 1 through 4. She announced her resignation in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. Bledel commented: “The Handmaid’s Tale has become too emotionally draining for me to continue reading right now. Thanks to Hulu, MGM, the cast and crew, as well as Bruce Miller for penning such real and moving sequences for Emily, I will be eternally grateful.”

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Trailer



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