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South Park Season 26 Release Date & More Details!

Season 25 of South Park was like a brief visit from Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. (Flush?) Second shortest season of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s cartoon series with just six episodes this time around.

Even while there aren’t as many full-length episodes as there used to be, there’s still plenty to look forward to.

To be sure, the Comedy Central series will run through 2027 with a total of six additional seasons as well as 14 specials and TV features. If the show returns to its usual episodic structure, we’re certain to see at least one of those specials first.

Just how many episodes will Season 26 include, and what’s the timeline for its release? Everything you need to know about the upcoming release can be found here.

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South Park Season 26 Release Date

There is no set date for the release of the game as of yet. And, inconveniently, it’s impossible to predict exactly when that will be. The introduction of South Park’s long-running specials/TV movies has disrupted the show’s traditional release schedule.

South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid premiered back in September 2020 as the season’s single special episode. Season 25 didn’t debut until February 2022 as a result of the specials being released in a staggered fashion (and possibly a global epidemic).

If a new South Park special is already in the works, it’s unlikely that we’ll have to wait another year for fresh episodes. According to this, we might expect season 26 to premiere around the end of 2022.

Is Season 25 Finished?

Yes, in a nutshell. Only six episodes of season 25 have been ordered by Paramount+, South Park’s new global streaming home. An unsatisfactory amount of content given the regular runtime of 10 episodes.

While season 25 may continue into season 26, this suggests that the following two specials/TV movies will be part of season 26.

South Park Season 26 Episodes: How Many Will There Be?

In theory, we could be in for another short-lived run if season 26 is all specials as season 24 was.

Some of these specials/TV movies run three times longer than regular episodes, so we can’t say we’re getting ripped off.

However, given how short last season was, there’s every chance that season 26 may include both regular episodes and specials, making it one of the longest runs in recent memory. Season 25:

South Park Season 26 Trailer

Season 25 Ratings

Again, there’s no reason to be concerned about the future of South Park. For the 26th season and beyond, Comedy Central’s long-running series has been given the green light. Season 24’s four one-hour specials were released as Paramount+ exclusives, so it’s worth noting. Will Comedy Central continue to air South Park, or may the show migrate to Netflix? Pay attention.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the South Park TV show, made it. Stanley “Stan” Marsh (Parker), Kyle “Kelly” Broflovski (Stone), and Kenneth “Kenny” McCormick (Stone) are four third-grade boys who live in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado (Parker). April Stewart, Adrien Beard, and Jennifer Howell round out the cast of this venerable show.

The popularity of a show can be gauged by looking at its ratings. The greater the ratings, the more likely it is that the team will survive. As new rating data becomes available, this graphic will be updated.

Air date Episode 18-49 demo % demo change Viewers (mil) % mil change
Weds 2/2/2022 25-01 0.44 -20.00%† 0.844 -8.56%†
Weds 2/9/2022 25-02 0.32 -27.27% 0.658 -22.04%
Weds 2/16/2022 25-03 0.30 -6.25% 0.664 0.91%
Weds 3/2/2022 25-04 0.24 -20.00% 0.525 -20.93%
Weds 3/9/2022 25-05 0.30 25.00% 0.621 18.29%
Weds 3/16/2022 25-06 0.24 -20.00% 0.493 -20.61%
Weds 25-07
Weds 25-08
Weds 25-09
Weds 25-10
Season averages 0.31 -32.60% 0.634 -22.38%

On Comedy Central, South Park’s season 23 had an average 18-49 rating of 0.46 and 817,000 viewers. There were four one-hour specials in season 24, two of which were broadcast on Comedy Central and the second of which was streamed on Paramount+.

South Park Season 26
South Park Season 26

For completeness’ sake, we’ve included both live and DVR playback in these final national ratings (through 3:00 AM). The “*” denotes early estimates of affiliate ratings (estimations). They don’t take into account any additional delayed or streamed viewing, but they still provide a useful snapshot into how well a show does when compared to others on the same channel. For the most part, the more popular shows are renewed and the less popular ones are canceled based on their ratings.


If you are a fan of the series “South Park Season 26″ is a must-watch. The series has an entertainment & beautiful storyline that will make you go “Awwwwww” while watching it (even if you don’t like this expression). Its high-quality graphics make it mesmerizing along with animation effects. It will engage you for hours, so if you have not watched it yet, do watch it, and let me know how much you like it in the comment section.

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