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The Shooting Involving a Police Officer in Midtown Miami

After receiving reports of a suspicious guy wearing body armor and holding a long rifle in the lobby of the building, officers from the Miami Police Department were dispatched to the building in the 3400 block of E. Coast Avenue at 3 a.m., according to the department.

According to Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales, officers who responded to the call were led by a witness to an apartment where they eventually confronted the suspect. They went up to the apartment, knocked on the door, and were immediately approached by a person who was armed with a long rifle, Morales said. “They went up to the apartment, knocked on the door, and were immediately confronted.”

According to Morales, the cops tried to subdue the guy verbally but ultimately had no choice but to fire their weapons in self-defense. The man slammed the door in your face and barricaded himself inside as members of the SWAT team, a K-9, and Miami Fire Rescue were called to the site.

 Two policemen from the Miami Police Department opened fire on an armed suspect in Midtown Miami (CBS Miami) After entering the room just after 7 o’clock in the morning, SWAT personnel located the body of the man and pronounced him dead. His identity was kept a secret from the public. It was reported by residents of the building that he was in good health.

Morales stated, “We do not know if he was a resident, whether he was visiting, and we do not know his occupancy status.” Because there was music coming from within the flat, we were able to deduce that he had been there.

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Later on Wednesday, a neighbor reported to NBC 6 that they knew the suspect and that he resided in the building. He gave off the impression of being a very level-headed individual who had no problems of any kind.

According to the neighbor Jim Wallin, “He appeared to be an average person.” I didn’t have a really close relationship with him; we were more on an acquaintance basis. There was nothing extraordinary about it.” Wallin stated that he was awakened by at least a couple of gunshots before the police knocked on his door. Wallin’s door was then knocked on by the police.

“I opened the door, and there were perhaps three or four police officers with their firearms drawn,” he added. “I closed the door and went back inside.” The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Miami Police Department is conducting an investigation into the occurrence, and they are attempting to ascertain whether or not the individual shot himself, was shot by police, or passed away as a result of anything else.

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