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Three Months After Being Consumed in Flames, the Spanish Hero Who Saved the Country from Wildfires Has Died

Friends of the Spaniard who sustained 80 percent burns while digging a tunnel to prevent a wildfire from reaching his community reported on Tuesday that he passed away as a result of his injuries three months after the incident.

Three Months After Being Engulfed in Flames, A Spanish Wildfire Hero Dies

On July 18, Angel Martin Arjona, the owner of a construction warehouse in Tabara, was observed fleeing the scene of an accident involving his digger and escaping through a field while his clothing was on fire. The incident occurred when the digger became consumed in flames.

After being admitted to the hospital in Valladolid, which is located in the central region of Spain, his friend Jose Manuel Taba announced on Monday that he had passed away. “The skin grafts were successful, but sadly there were complications,” said Arjona’s boyhood friend and mechanic Juan Lozano. “The skin grafts were successful.”

In July, residents of the area had lauded him as a hero, and according to Lozano, the municipality had set a three-day period of mourning in his honor. On July 17, the fire broke out at Losacio, which is located in the Zamora province in the country’s northwest.

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In 2022, it was one of the largest in Spain, burning somewhere approximately 26,000 hectares of land. Arjona was one of the four people that passed away. UK’s Sunak plans to meet Biden at G20 summit. A growing number of heatwaves are creating circumstances that let fires spread quicker, burn longer, and rage more ferociously. Climate change is worsening fires by making these conditions more likely to occur.

A problem that is made worse by the decreasing workforces in rural parts of Spain that are required to remove vegetation is that hotter weather causes vegetation to lose its moisture, turning it into fuel that can’t be burned.

Three Months After Being Consumed in Flames, the Spanish Hero Who Saved the Country from Wildfires Has Died

According to estimates released by the Spanish government, flames have already caused the destruction of 260,000 hectares (642,500 acres) of land in Spain so far this year, making it the worst year for wildfires in almost three decades. According to data from the Joint Research Centre of the European Union, wildfires across Europe have consumed 775,941 hectares so far in 2018, making it the second-largest area on record.

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