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Tow Truck Jess: Biography, Career, Court Case and More

American tow truck transporter Jessica Tara Middlebrook, commonly known as “Tow Truck Jess”, shot to fame on Tik Tok overnight. Her dancing, lip-sync, and funny videos on Tiktok are what made her popular. let’s look at her biography,  career, court case, and more.

Biography of Tow Truck Jess

Towtruck Jess, real name Jessica Tara Middlebrook, a Greensboro, North Carolina, tow truck operator. Through her TikTok account, she gained popularity as a maker of comedy, dance, and lip-sync videos online. On this streaming network, she had more than 600,000 fans. She was born in the United States on February 5, 1985. She is 35 years old right now. A video she uploaded set to Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is one of her most well-liked uploads. Jessica has three children.

Real Name  Jessica Tara Middlebrook
Famous Name  Tow Truck Jess
Birthdate 5 February 1985
Birth Place United States
Age 35 Years 
Current Home  Greensboro, North Carolina
Nationality American
Education No sources point to when or where Jessica Middlebrook graduated
Profession TikTok Star, Tow Truck Driver 
Net Worth $ 500,000
Eye Color  Blue
Height Between 4’11” and 5’5”

Tow Truck Jess: Career

The 35-year-old internet sensation began her working life as a tow truck driver. Jessica Tara Middlebrook (Tow Truck Jess) was a towing and recovery employee at Bobby’s Friendly Towing and Recovery in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The company offers trustworthy and reasonably priced towing services in Greensboro, including roadside assistance and auto towing. She has been employed by the company for some time.

She first gained notoriety when she entered the Tik Tok community and began making and sharing short videos on the app. She quickly rose to fame after her distinctive videos started drawing in huge audiences.

Her videos typically feature popular song lip-syncing, Christian sermons, comedic skits, vlogs, and a variety of other things.


Who is the Husband of Tow Truck Jess?

Tow Truck Jessica Tara Middlebrook Jess does not have a husband and is not married. She is quite private and reticent when discussing the specifics of her romantic relationships.

However, she and her lover are reportedly dating based on photos of them together that were uploaded to her Instagram account. He is also the father of her three unknown children. We may safely presume that he is Tow Truck Jess’s baby father.

What is the Net Worth of Tow Truck Jess?

Her job as a tow truck driver was her main source of income prior to joining TikTok. But given that she is said to have a $500k estimated net worth, it might still be her primary source of income.

According to payscale, a tow truck driver in North Carolina makes an average annual salary of $50,000.

Thanks to her enormous number of followers and engagement, her net worth and revenues have undoubtedly improved since she became famous on Tik Tok. There will be numerous brand collaborations and endorsement opportunities for Jessica Tara Middlebrook.

As a result, Tow Truck Jess enjoys a finer and more luxurious lifestyle than her fellow driver coworkers.

Tow Truck Jess’s Involvement in an Accident

On April 27, 2019, a motorcycle struck Jessica’s parked tow truck, killing a woman and hurting her husband. Jessica was then taken into custody. After that, Jessica was accused of negligent parking and voluntary manslaughter.

Patricia Willard, who was 70 years old, was declared deceased, and her husband Jerry, who is also 70, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Jerry, the motorcycle rider, allegedly attempted to avoid the collision but instead crashed into the bed of the tow truck. Jessica was not in the car at the time, and her tow truck had been overnight parked outside, according to the authorities.

Tow Truck Jess: Guilty or Not?

There hasn’t been any new information on the accident that Tow Truck Jess was unintentionally a part of as of yet. However, the fact remains that she broke the law by parking her car in the middle of the road, which is a clear violation of North Carolina state law.

In all honesty, Tow Truck Tess should receive some punishment because she did do the offense for which she was charged.

Go Fund Me: Campaign for Tow Truck Jess

After the event, Tow Truck Jess’s admirers and friends promptly set up a Go Fund Me account to assist her in paying the steep legal costs. Out of the required $50,000, the account was able to raise a total of $34,659,

This demonstrates how devoted and supportive her supporters are of her social media initiatives. She is becoming more well-known and well-liked as a result of the occurrence.

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