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UWEC Police Investigation, a Fatal Accident That Occurred Near the Campus

(WEAU) – Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Eau Claire) An investigation into a fatality that occurred in the neighborhood around the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire campus is now being carried out by the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire Police Department.

A man’s corpse was discovered in the Putnam Park area on Friday afternoon, according to a statement that was issued by the UWEC Police Department and which was publicized by that department. Putnam Park is situated near the campus.

The suspect in this case did not have any connections to the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire (UW–EC), as stated in the news release, and there is now no immediate danger to the people living in the local region. The identity of the individual will not be made public until his family has had the opportunity to be informed about the events that transpired around the tragedy. Read also: A Women Died at Patrol Station, Family Member Believe It is a Murder

UWEC Police Investigation
UWEC Police Investigation

Many personnel of the Eau Claire Police Department, the Eau Claire Fire Department, and the Eau Claire Medical Examiner’s Office were among the emergency services that were dispatched to the area after receiving a call for assistance. Read also: Jerry Lee Lewis, 87 Years Old, the Crazy Rock Star Has Passed Away

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