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A Women Died at Patrol Station, Family Member Believe It is a Murder

The death of a lady that occurred at a petrol station is being investigated by the College Park police.

The reporter Steve Gehlbach from Channel 2 has arrived at the Shell gas station located at the intersection of Old National Highway and Godby Road.

At around 6:15 in the morning, a camera placed outside of the convenience shop captures on surveillance footage two automobiles pulling up side by side at a petrol pump. At some point, at least one shot is fired either inside one of the SUVs or between the two of them as they are driving.

It is not quite obvious when the gunshot occurred based on the footage; however, a short time later, one of the ladies can be seen going toward the business while chatting on her phone while also holding what seems to be a pistol in the other hand. Read also: Grand Jury Fails to Convict Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Cops

The cause of the woman’s death has not been determined by the police. During the investigation, officers cut off access to the parking lot.

Women Died at Patrol Station
Women Died at Patrol Station

Gehlbach was informed by witnesses that they had heard a single gunshot coming from behind the corner. Read also: Was Hunter’s Death Caused by a Change in Custody?

Channel 2 was informed by the victim’s family and acquaintances that they believe he or she was followed to the gas station. The victim’s SUV had damage down the side, and according to members of the victim’s family, the vehicle was brand new and unharmed before this morning.

The police have not made any statements on the possible events that led up to the shooting. Read more: Parents Suing Over Their Son’s Death Claim He Left Behind a to-do List That Included “Stop Consuming Kratom”

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