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What Happened to Heather Gay? Everything We Want to Know!

The cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s third season has been nothing short of a heated disaster, with one Housewife battling for her freedom in federal court and the rest of the cast at each other’s throats. Although Heather Gay is a well-liked Housewife, this season has completely altered her life and the way her friends see her.

She is renowned for her unwavering dedication to her best friend and soon-to-be federal inmate Jen Shah and for her close relationship with Whitney Rose, a descendant of early settlers, but both of those ties are falling apart this season.

The dramatic moment from the teaser, which concerns how Heather Gay acquired a black eye on the girls’ trip to San Diego, has fans on the edge of their seats eleven episodes in. A battle with Whitney occurred? Jen, perhaps? Did she get into a drunk-driving mishap? Did someone abuse her after breaking into her casita? Fans are curious.

As per usual, Twitter is working like a detective to solve the case, and the tweets and comments are excellent. Fans of RHOSLC are sick of waiting for the black eye revelation. Where did Bravo’s most well-known red eye originate? Why are they torturing us like this? To get the answer, must we wait for another episode? Twitter is having none of it.

Fans will need to be patient and wait another week. The case is being investigated by Bravo sleuths, who have been doing this for years and have their own theories. According to one Twitter user, it was merely a bedtime mistake. Is it possible?

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Some believe it occurred earlier in the incident and only flared up that evening. Fans believe Heather’s eye was injured on the journey earlier in the day. Hysterical Bravo This draw-out is too long for a picky Housewives fan, as By Betches aptly put it. Whitney and Heather haven’t spoken to each other since the beginning of the season, but surely Whitney wouldn’t attack anyone?

Was Whitney Responsible For Heather’s Black Eye?

And lastly, the tried-and-true Twitter poll. The leading phrase is “She fell,” and Bravo viewers almost never get it incorrect! This Friday, the third season reunion will be filmed. Will Jen Shah be there? The RHOSLC reunion is taping this week, namely on Friday, according to an announcement made by Andy Cohen on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. There will be no spare hands, but what about Jen Shah?

What Happened to Heather Gay

When she pleaded guilty in October, Jen was all but sacked from the network, but Andy has said that he would like to sit down with her and hear her side of the story. Will she have a chance to speak out at the reunion, or will Jen’s followers simply have to bid her farewell now? On Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is broadcast.

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