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While Unloading Thanksgiving Groceries, Two Texas Youths Were Shot and Killed; the Offender is Still at Large

Early on Thursday morning in Houston, two adolescent males were shot and killed while unloading goods for a Thanksgiving dinner, according to authorities. A 17-year-old boy was shot in the neck, and an 18-year-old male was suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest when police arrived on the scene.

The younger victim was brought to a hospital, where he eventually passed away from his injuries, while the older victim was pronounced dead on the spot. Just after midnight, a shooting occurred outside an apartment building in the 11755 block of Southlake Drive.

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The 18-year-mother old’s recognized him as President Wynn to ABC 13. She stated that he had recently graduated high school in the spring and would have turned 19 on December 8. Just after midnight on Thursday, a double homicide occurred outside an apartment building on Southlake Drive in Houston.

According to Tasha Cooke, her son was shot and killed while unloading groceries from the car. According to police, Wynn and the 17-year-old victim resided in the same apartment building and were linked. Police claim that there was fighting in the courtyard before the start of the shooting.

President Wynn, according to Tasha Cooke, recently received his high school diploma in the spring. When Wynn and the 17-year-old were unloading the goods for Thanksgiving, according to the police, there was sort of a skirmish in the courtyard.

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