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Why Won’t Willow Smith Discuss the Oscars Incident: How Was Willow Smith’s Relationship With His Parents?

The following is what Willow Smith is prepared to share with support events.

Success in the rock music industry has allowed Willow Smith to move on from her “Whip My Hair” days. The singer-songwriter, now 21, has a healthy connection with her parents supporting her music and her personal life. Despite her reluctance to discuss the infamous Oscars incident with her father, Willow Smith has lots to say about her productive dynamic with both her mom and dad.

Every fo was on the King Richard actor and his loved ones when Will Smith smacked Chris Rock age at the 94th Academy Awards. The Guardian sought her opinion on her father’s slap incident with Chris Rock, but instead she talked about her admiration for her pops. She stated to the media,

“I love my dad. I pretty much love every person I’ve ever met. People are just humans, and humans are complex and beautiful creatures who deserve to be creative and to be respected and loved and … yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

When Willow was just seven years old, she made her acting behavior in Will Sasth’s dystopian drama I Am Legend. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith’s daughter Willow was the same age as he was when the show was honored. You can almost see how she walks to how’s behavior. Such is after. It’s not hard to detect the similarities between the Young Artist Award recipient and her father, who also won that honor, from how she walks to how she extends her chin after each phrase.

When Willow Smith’s parents didn’t grasp the gravity of her mental health problems, tensions rose between them. Though Smith has never been one to hold back when discussing her feelings for her own parents, she has always been effusive in her admiration of them. She disclosed to The Guardian,

“My parents are my best friends. They are both wonderful people. I love them not just because they are my parents but because they are Will and Jada, who have their own beautiful, complex, and amazing minds and hearts.”

Why Won't Willow Smith Discuss the Oscars Incident
Why Won’t Willow Smith Discuss the Oscars Incident

The young artist forgave her parents for classifying her mental health issues as “tantrums,” as they did in the interview. With the help of Red Table Talk, three generations of women could have open and frank conversations and get a deeper understanding of one another. In one episode, Jada Pinkett Smith expressed her inability to empathize with her daughter’s struggles with mental health due to the pressures of growing up famous. However, this highlights the significance of having open lines of communication with your children to prepare them for any challenges they may face.

While Willow Smith goes to Red Table Talk to discuss serious issues, she knows she can always turn to her dad for a good chuckle. What did she say?

“My dad is the one cracking the jokes. The kids are a little more subdued, a little more chill. My dad is the most hyper of all of us. That’s why he’s amazing. He has endless energy. My mom, my brothers, and I are much more emo and thoughtful about things.”

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