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A Woman Challenges Republican Herschel Walker to a Public Debate on an Abortion Claim

Herschel Walker is running for the U.S. Senate, and a woman who claims he forced her into getting an abortion in 1993 has challenged the Republican, who has declared he opposes abortion without exception, to meet her in public before the Georgia run-off election next month. A Woman Challenges Republican Herschel Walker.

The challenge was made two weeks prior to the runoff election on December 6, in which Walker seeks to defeat Democratic U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock. The woman, who attended the news conference alongside attorney Gloria Allred but who declined to provide her name, did not reveal who she was.

The woman’s accusations, which she originally made public on October 26, have been deemed false by Walker. Additionally, he has refuted the claim made by a different lady who says he paid for her to get an abortion in 2009 and that she later gave birth to one of his kids.

Sign up for Reuters for free to get the full story. Both women have kept their identities private. Both women’s claims have not been independently verified by Reuters. “Do you have the courage to come up to me in person, in front of everyone, and tell me straight out that you don’t know me and that nothing I just said is true? I’m eager to hear your response “said the woman on Tuesday.

Walker’s campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Walker’s voice recordings were presented by the woman and her attorney. The woman allegedly has years’ worth of documentation of her intimate involvement with Walker from the late 1980s to the 1990s, including receipts and greeting cards, according to the woman’s attorney.

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Because neither candidate in the Warnock-Walker contest received the required 50% of the vote in the November 8 midterm elections, a runoff will be held. A victory for Warnock would increase Democrats’ razor-thin Senate majority by one, giving President Joe Biden’s party more wiggle leeway.

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