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Amy Robach Divorce: Is It True or Is It Just a Rumor?

Before her rumored relationship with Good Morning America co-anchor, T.J. Holmes became public, Amy Robach and her husband, Andrew Shue, were apparently in the midst of negotiating a divorce settlement. After the appearance of multiple images of the two people together, it was speculated that newscasters Robach and Holmes were engaging in an affair outside of their marriage.

It has been stated that the hosts of Good Morning America have been romantically involved since March 2022. However, some reports indicate that they did not end their relationships with their respective spouses until August of the same year.

The photographs of the couple holding hands while they were visiting a secluded home in New York before Thanksgiving was published by The Daily Mail on November 30, which led to the allegations of an affair becoming public knowledge.

The co-hosts of the ABC show GMA3: What You Need to Know have returned to work, but they have not commented on the rumors that they are romantically involved with one another. More information regarding the breakdown of Robach’s marriage to the actor has become public.

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According to recent reports, Amy Robach was holding off on announcing her divorce from her estranged spouse Andrew Shue. Amy and Andrew were “almost ready to settle their divorce,” according to PEOPLE when the news about her alleged affair came to light.

According to a source who spoke with the publication, “They were waiting on [the settlement] to tell people,” and the source continued, “The whole reason why she waited to break the news that her marriage was gone was that she went to [divorce] mediation.”

The insider went on to state that she had been concerned with her battle against cancer, and that her marriage started to fall apart in the summer of this year due to issues that had already been present in the relationship.

Amy Robach Divorce

The woman, now 49 years old, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, and according to recent reports, she has been cancer-free since March of this year. Robach and Shue have been married for a total of twelve years. The role of Billy Campbell on Melrose Place brought Shue the most fame, despite the fact that he also appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210.

Marilee Fiebig, herself a lawyer, was T.J. Holmes’s wife, and the couple had two children together. In 2010, the couple tied the knot. Sabine is their only child together, and she is a daughter. It has been claimed that Holmes is no longer living with his wife, although it is not known when the couple officially parted ways.

Reportedly, Robin Roberts approached T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach about the affair rumors that had been circulating. According to Page Six, GMA co-host Roberts allegedly questioned Holmes and Robach about years-old suspicions that they had been having an affair. The claims had been circulating for quite some time.

Roberts allegedly “took them both away and basically screamed ‘Stop it,'” according to a source close to the publication. On the other hand, Holmes is said to have refuted reports that the two were having an affair. According to the site, Holmes is said to have brought the matter to the attention of high management at ABC, who laughed off the allegations, which had an adverse effect on his friendship with Amy.

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