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Are Usman and Kim Still Together?

’90 Day Fiance,’ a TLC reality show, is an intriguing look into the lives of US residents who are engaged to foreign nationals. These overseas partners enter the United States on a K-1 visa, which allows them to marry for a maximum of three months. With time being of the essence, the show documents how each couple resolves their challenges within 90 days.

One such couple introduced on season 5 of ’90 Day Fiance’ was Kim Menzies and Usman Umar. While the latter had a failed romance with another American woman prior to dating Kim, people are curious whether they are still together. We’ve arrived with answers!

Kim and Usman’s 90-Day Engagement Journey. Interestingly, Kim was Usman’s second attempt at a ’90 Day’ relationship after a public separation from his prior partner, Lisa Hamme. However, things appeared relatively straightforward for him and Kim at first, and while the two met online and communicated via DMs, they soon planned to meet in Tanzania because Usman, another rapper, was filming a video there. Naturally, both were overjoyed to finally meet each other, and the latter lavished the former with expensive gifts.

Still, Usman’s enthusiasm seemed to fade over time, and Kim felt he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. To begin with, he brought a third person on what was intended to be a romantic evening and even declined to stay the night in her suite, leaving her dissatisfied.

Despite spending a lot of time together, the lack of intimacy soon caught up with them and threatened to wreck things. Surprisingly, the schism was short-lived, as Usman and Kim quickly put their disagreements aside and looked forward to a bright future.

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However, trouble was never far behind, as the US native quickly discovered that Usman was dating and talking to another girl named Zara at the same time. This understandably resulted in a big fallout, and the rapper’s new song, which was inspired by his ex, did not assist his case.

Furthermore, as Kim returned to the United States, the episode implied that Usman and Zara might have reconciled, making supporters doubt his loyalty. Nonetheless, the Nigerian native and Kim’s friendship appeared too powerful to be broken so easily, and admirers hoped for a reunion.

Is Kim Menzies Still Dating Usman Umar?

Despite the fact that Kim and Usman appeared to be supportive of each other on social media and even greeted each other with endearment, the former was adamant about not dating in March 2022. Surprisingly, she has subsequently spoken about her intention to accept his religion and stated that all she wants is to see him happy.

Are Usman and Kim Still Together

In June 2022, Kim appeared to modify her public stance about not dating Usman when she posted a remark on an Instagram image implying that they were together. Fans will also be pleased to learn that Usman modified the words of his song where he addressed his ex and replaced it with Kim’s name.

Kim and Usman are still very much together and appear to be motivated to establish a future. Though adultery accusations frequently upset their relationship, the two rarely pay attention to such notions and instead focus on the positive aspects of life.

Furthermore, Usman has made a reputation for himself in the music world and appears to have repaired his relationship with Kim’s son, Jamal. Last but not least, while the couple is not yet engaged, the Nigerian artist plans to drop the question soon.

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