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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ex-Wife: Everything We Want to Know

One of Hollywood’s most high-profile romances once involved a world-class bodybuilder-turned-actor and a reporter who happened to be a Kennedy family member. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver appeared to be in wedded happiness for nearly two decades, welcoming four children as he became an action movie icon and she became a Peabody award-winning journalist. All of that changed in 2011 when Arnold admitted to fathering a child with their then-housekeeper.

As he flexes his arm muscles, Joseph Baena, 23, channels his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Shirtless. Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals that when he holds Katherine’s baby, she ‘freaks out.’ Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 23-year-old son, Joseph Baena, seem strikingly similar in a post-gym selfie.

While others may only know Maria through the prism of Arnold’s affair, she is much more than her husband’s infidelity. Maria Shriver was born in Chicago in 1955, the second child and only daughter of Sargent Shriver, a politician who founded the Peace Corps, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Maria’s mother founded the Special Olympics and is the sister of US President John F. Kennedy, as well as Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. Politics, and the family business, would help Maria choose her own way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ex-Wife

While accompanying her father on the campaign trail for the 1972 presidential election (the Democratic nominee, George McGovern, chose Sargent as his running mate), her aides placed her at the back of the campaign plane with the media. “It turned out to be the nicest thing that ever happened to me,” she said in her book Ten Things I Wish I’d Known, published in 2000. “They were continuously observing and commenting, and their never-ending stream of quips and reports — even cartoons — elevated the presidential campaign to a whole new level for me.”

Maria began her media career as a writer and producer for a Philadelphia television station after graduating from Georgetown University in 1977. According to Britannia, she was a national news journalist for CBS in 1983. She departed CBS Morning News after three years as co-anchor to work as a journalist for NBC. Another significant event in her life occurred in 1986 when she said “I do” to a chiseled guy from Austria.

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