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At a Rally in Dayton, Former President Trump Addresses

On Monday, former president Donald Trump appeared at a rally in Dayton in favor of JD Vance, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. On the eve of the Nov. 8 election, when Republican candidate JD Vance will square off against Democratic U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan for the open U.S. Senate seat, the 45th president will visit the Miami Valley.

“President Trump is the only person in the world who can energize Ohioans for election day!” Vance stated in a statement. It will be wonderful to welcome him back to Ohio. Your local election headquarters is WDTN. The Wright Bros. Aero Inc. facility at Dayton International Airport in Vandalia served as the venue for the event.

On Monday afternoon, throngs of fans entered the venue in anticipation of the appearance of former president Donald Trump. Congressman Mike Turner gave the rally’s opening address as the first speaker. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a representative from Georgia, gave a speech at the Dayton event on Monday night.

Rep. Greene stated, “We need leaders in Washington that are focused on our country. “We need a Republican Party that is focused on America First, focused on our freedoms, and focused on the future of our children.” Rep. Greene’s entire speech is available below.

At the Dayton rally, JD Vance spoke before former President Trump just before 7 o’clock. “My story is the American dream story. In this state that we all adore, I’ve been so fortunate to lead such a good, charmed, and blessed life, Vance remarked.

On Tuesday, Vance will compete against Ohio’s Tim Ryan in the midterm elections to succeed retiring Sen. Rob Portman. In a recent survey conducted by Emerson College, Vance beat Ryan with a 51% to 43% margin. 4% of voters are unsure.

Watch Vance’s entire statement below: Describe early Trump’s 2024 bombshell is intensifying, and a possible bid on Monday. Just after 8 o’clock on Monday night, the former president touched down in Dayton. Trump walked immediately to the podium at the rally after exiting his aircraft. Soon, his comments will be available in the article’s video player.

On Tuesday, November 15, Trump stated that he will be making a “big announcement” in Florida. The 45th president listed off many of the candidates he has endorsed for the upcoming midterm elections as he concluded his rally.

The Hill sources claim that Trump has been considering using the Dayton event as the venue for his 2024 presidential campaign announcement. Trump has acknowledged the expectation at previous rallies and advised fans to watch the Ohio rally, fueling further speculation about an announcement from him in recent weeks.

At a rally in Miami on Sunday, Trump claimed, “I ran twice, I won twice, and I did considerably better the second time than the first.” “I may have to do it again to make our nation prosperous, secure, and glorious. Watch out in the wonderful state of Ohio tomorrow night. Pay attention.

According to polls, the vast majority of Republicans continue to support Trump. However, surveys have also revealed that a majority of independents and an increasing percentage of Republicans would prefer to support a different candidate.

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