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Nasa: The Fireball That Was Seen Over NorCal on Friday Did Not Touch Down

According to William Cooke, manager of NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office, a fireball observed over Northern California on Friday night did not impact the ground. Cooke said that the four fireballs, which were observed by thousands of people, were part of the Taurid meteor shower. He said that the fireballs were modest and unable to create meteorites large enough to touch the earth.

According to Cooke, the greatest fireball that was seen on Friday at 7:28 p.m. disintegrated 28 miles above the town of Callahan in Siskiyou County. Later on Friday night, the second-largest fireball is thought to have dissipated 40 miles above Lassen County.

Officials from NASA are currently of the opinion that none of the meteorites detected on Friday caused any ground contact or fires. Cooke stated that most meteorites are cool when they impact the ground in general. Watch more from ABC10: Storm system to bring heavy rain and snow to northern California.

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