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Bob Williams Nasa Engineer: an Old Interview With a Nasa Medalist Who Spent $50,000 on Crack Becomes Viral

This is all about “Bob Williams Nasa Engineer”. The first version of the film was released in 1981; however, excerpts from the interview have lately been shared on Twitter, and as a result, the engineer’s story has gone global in only a few short days.

A Statement About Bob Williams, Nasa Engineer

Because of the widespread distribution of extracts from an interview with Bob Williams that took place in the 1980s, the well-educated engineer awarded a NASA medal has gained a significant following on social media.
People have been using different social media platforms for various purposes since they were introduced, including the dissemination of news and ideas. As a consequence of this, there is a continuous emergence of new tendencies on social networking websites.

Because over 4 billion people are using social media, it is simple for social media platforms to publicize any content already well-liked by the target audience.

An interview with the late engineer Bob Williams has gotten a lot of interest on social media platforms. It has gone viral, with many people watching it and giving their opinions. This is not to be confused with the astronomer Robert Williams, who was granted a NASA medal.

Even though the interview was shown for the first time in 1981, new clips from the film have recently been shared on Twitter, which has led to the tale of the engineer swiftly gaining a lot of attention. Many individuals are interested in learning further details about him and his interview. Therefore, let’s know more about him and his video:

Who Was Bob Williams?

Engineer Bob Williams has lately been in the news due to snippets from an interview with him that have been widely shared across various social media platforms, making him a topic of significant interest on the internet.

In the 1980s, he was a highly educated engineer who worked in Harlem and contributed to the fields of both engineering and telecommunications.

bob williams nasa engineer
bob williams nasa engineer

In the 1980s, he worked in a reputable field and had a post that earned him an incredible $33,000 per year, covering his living expenses and providing him with a car as part of the package. Because Bob was frequently absent from work, he was only able to hold that job for a short period.

Details From His Interview

There has been a new surge in the popularity of the 1981 interview between Bob and “Like It Is” reporter Gil Noble on social media. From its inception in 1968 until its cancellation in 2011, this program regularly addressed issues facing the African-American community.

The documentary follows Bob as he recounts how he used to spend hundreds of dollars a day on crack while working as an engineer. Bob said that within the first nine months of his crack addiction, he spent over $50,000 and lost $1,600 in only six hours. Read more: Groovy Reacts to Rico Swavey’s Death Shares Last Moment Together

Bob explained how he lost his job and spent his life savings on crack throughout the interview. What he stated was

Every time I checked my balance, it showed that I had a negative balance in my account. Since I cannot maintain regular employment, I have worked for myself.

My most recent employment paid $33,000 annually, but it only lasted two weeks. On Monday, I showed up for work, but on Tuesday, I made the fatal error of stopping by a crack house on the way to work and was therefore missing.

On Wednesday, I was not available for comment. It dawned on me that I needed to be in shape if I didn’t want to leave this world soon. I worked Thursday and Friday this week. I had to do a quick project on Monday, and I didn’t return to my regular work schedule until Wednesday. My final day was a Friday. Read more: Who Is Vee Mampeezy Wife Kagiso Ludo Sento?

In the movie’s last moments, the show’s host, Gil Noble, reveals that Bob Williams disappeared soon after the interview aired. Even though the interview was first broadcast on September 12, 1981, it has recently surfaced online several times.


Not to be confused with the NASA-medal-winning astronomer Robert Williams, a video chat with the late engineer Bob Williams has gone viral online. Even though the original interview tape was released in 1981, it has lately been revived on Twitter thanks to excerpts from it. The engineer’s narrative quickly went viral. Bob Williams, who passed away soon after the interview, elaborated on how crack addicts waste their money.

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