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Groovy Reacts to Rico Swavey’s Death Shares Last Moment Together

Groovy, a previous housemate on Big Brother Nigeria, expresses his sorrow over the passing of artist Rico Swavey while reflecting on the time they spent together in the house. Alex Unusual, Rico’s coworker, was the one who informed the internet of the devastating news that Rico had passed away via Twitter.

Groovy, who had previously met Rico at Phyna’s party on Sunday night, has taken to Twitter in order to express his sorrow over the passing of the reality TV star. Rico was one of several people who stood with Groovy till the end and supported him.

Groovy expresses his sorrow about the passing of Rico Swavey by saying, “This is so unbelievable.” “I can hardly believe it. This took place only a few days ago on Sunday at the winners’ party. After being informed by my Team that Rico was around, I rushed straight up to him to express my gratitude for all of the support and love he has shown me. We were missing a real one. May God provide your family the fortitude to endure this great loss RIP, RICO”

After being involved in a terrible accident a few days ago, Rico has been placed on life support ever since the incident occurred. Unfortunately, he was victorious this morning against his opponent. Patrick Fakoya, also known as Rico Swavey, a past housemate on Big Brother Naija, passed away on Thursday as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Rico Swavey's Death

This is not new information. On the other hand, there have been a variety of responses to his passing. An actor by the name of Uche Maduagwu has made fun of the people who have written gushing notes about the late BBN star, while other people have reminisced about the happy times they spent with the deceased.

Maduagwu posted the following on his Instagram account: “I read some of the poems, and I laughed. Rico was a musician; how many of you supported him by sharing his music or posting it on your own sites? You are going to get out there and write some poems.

When he was still living, what steps did you take to assist him? You were unable to make a financial contribution toward his care while he was hospitalized; instead, you were holding fundraising in his honor. Before he even entered the Big Brother Naija house, I was already familiar with this contestant. To me, he was like an older brother. I was wondering how many of you had posted his music.

However, now that he has passed away, you are all acting as though you care about what happened to him. If the purpose is to honor your coworkers, you won’t participate. I only to let you know some unfortunate news. That is the only thing you are capable of doing.”

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