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Brandon Phillips, Jade Cargill’s Husband, Celebrates Wife’s Victory on Instagram: More on Their Relationship in 2022!

We do see the couple references each other on their social media postings, but the two never appear on each other’s posts. It is not very often that we get to see Jade Cargill and her husband, Brandon Phillips, post about each other on social media.

This time around, things turned out differently! We are going to guess that this is probably the first time in a very long time that Brandon Philips has posted about his wife on his Instagram account. Brandon makes an excellent point when he says that his family is, in fact, a family of winners, and there is surely a logical reason why he is rejoicing and celebrating.

But before we get into Brandon’s career, let’s learn more about Jade Cargill and the TBS Championship belt she won, as well as the significance of this achievement, shall we? We are all aware that Jade Cargill is a professional wrestler and fitness model from the United States who is presently signed with AEW. The AEW star, who is 29 years old, was the first person to ever hold the title of TBS Champion, making her the sole holder of the distinction as of this writing.

Beginning on October 6, 2021, the AEW TBS Championship has served as a secondary championship for the promotion’s women’s division since its inception. Due to the fact that the title was named after the television network, it also has a special place in the heart of the TBS network. Therefore, the fact that Brandon Phillips is still commemorating it, even after a few months have passed, indicates that he is proud of his wife.

Engagement And Wedding Of Jade Cargill And Brandon Phillips!

The question of whether or not Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips are married is one that is still being discussed; however, one thing can be said with absolute certainty: these two sweethearts have a propensity for keeping their relationship a closely guarded secret.

Brandon Phillips, Jade Cargill's Husband, Celebrates Wife's Victory on Instagram More on Their Relationship in 2022!

There are still those who maintain the belief that Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips have not yet consummated their marriage. In spite of this, the two of them have been together for well over five years at this point. Bailey Quinn is the child that Jade and Brandon had together.

We were able to determine that Bailey was born on April 18, 2017, based on the posts that Cargill made on Instagram. It appears that Jade is solely responsible for the upbringing of her daughter. On none of his social media channels have we ever seen Brandon Phillips post anything about his daughter, not even once.

Brandon Phillips, The Spouse Of Jade Cargill

Brandon Phillips posted a celebratory message on Instagram after learning that his wife, Jade Cargill, had won. AEW’s TBS Champion from the company’s inception, Jade is the reigning champion. (The Instagram Account Brandon)

All of this information not only suggests that Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips are not married, but it also suggests that they are no longer involved in a romantic relationship. On the other hand, a recent post that Brandon made on his Instagram page hints at the contrary, and it is quite evident that the couple is still together and content.

On Various Social Media Platforms: Jade And Brandon

It has already been established that Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips seldom ever talk about each other in the postings that they make on their own social media platforms. But things have changed as of late; it appears that the couple has been more open about their relationship, as seen by a recent post that Brandon made on his Instagram account.

When Brandon Phillips posted photographs of himself carrying the AEW’s TBS Championship belt on his Instagram account, he included the caption “family of champions,” which leads one to believe that the two are married. In the same article, Jade Cargill commented “Awwww baby??? “, which lends credence to the notion that the two are at the very least dating.

When it comes to Jade Cargill’s Instagram photos, she has, as of late, been tagging her purported husband in a significant number of those posts. The reason why the pair has kept their relationship such a secret from the public is unknown, but their followers believe it has something to do with the couple’s careers. Since the couple is now more open about their relationship, we should be able to see them in each other’s posts together very soon, now that they are coming out of the closet.

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