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Celebrities Defend Aima Baig Amid Breakup Controversies, saying “Stop Putting People’s Mental Health at Risk”

On July 24, 2021, Aima and Shahbaz got engaged. Shahbaz announced their engagement on Instagram. Before becoming engaged, they dated for a considerable amount of time. Singer Aima Baig made the official announcement earlier today that she and her fiancé Shahbaz Shigri are no longer together.

“I did it with the utmost respect, as I wanted to. People have a choice in how they express their emotions, which shapes who they are on the inside. “That’s me, being honest with anyone who wonders whether they are or are not together. And the answer is that Shahbaz and I are no longer dating. Please stop sending “feeling sorry” texts, P.S. We are doing great.  News of DeGeneres’ staff being “furious” about a breakdown in communication regarding their compensation during the coronavirus closure surfaced in April.

Baig confirmed her breakup with longtime boyfriend turned fiancé Shigri in a humorous Instagram story post. She stated: Yes, I will always be grateful to this individual for making me happy. This does occur occasionally, and it does so for a cause. And to answer all of your inquiries, yes, we have broken off contact. but rest assured that we are both doing well.

Variety reported two unnamed sources who said that the more than 30 members of the long-running talk show’s main stage crew had not been informed about the status of their salary or working hours and that producers had not inquired about their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Aima Baig Amid Breakup

Additionally, according to the Variety report, the crew workers were kept in the dark for more than two weeks regarding their compensation or lack thereof. However, Variety reported that only four of the core crew were working on the show’s lockdown episode, with a nonunion tech business being hired on to help as well. DeGeneres’ show has continued to run, with the host recording from her home in California.

The crew was also said to be upset about a lack of personal attention from the show and feel their treatment is inconsistent with DeGeneres’ well-known “be kind” advice, despite a statement from Warner Bros. Television claiming that the crew had been paid at a consistent rate (despite working fewer hours).

Other people have criticized the talk show host in recent weeks for unpleasant or generally out-of-touch behavior, including a former bodyguard and ex-producer for the show. The comments made by Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner about how they “can’t feel terrible” about their money because they “worked hard” struck others as being disrespectful.

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