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Courts Flooded With Khula, Divorce Cases: Increased Khula Divorces Among Muslim Women

Courts Flooded With Khula, Divorce Cases: Since courts in the Rawalpindi district returned after the summer recess, a record of 342 cases seeking divorce and khula (dissolution) have been filed.

Divorce, khula, dowry, child custody, child support, and child extradition are some of the issues that have been brought before family courts. These cases have officially begun to be heard.

It became out that a lot of ladies and young brides were looking for khula and divorce. Several underage ladies have reportedly fled their families and married without their parent’s consent, prompting them to seek a khula or legal separation.

Since the new year began, more than 5,500 cases have been filed in the family courts of the Rawalpindi district.

Adversely, 12 men have written in to say they’d like to make up with their divorced spouses. In addition, 460 men submitted applications asking the court to help them reconcile with their wives.

Women and girls who have chosen khula and divorce typically accuse their husbands of physical and psychological abuse as well as financial neglect.

According to family court sources, there are already over 300 cases like this waiting across all 32 family courts in the Rawalpindi region.

Laiba Mastoor, a 21-year-old woman who appeared in court seeking khula, claimed that she and Faisal Qayyum, her husband, met on Facebook and became friends. She claimed to have fallen in love with him and eventually wed. But when they got married, she said, it became clear that he was uneducated, without a job, and unable to provide for the family.

According to her, this caused the couple to argue and fight almost every day. She denied rumors that she would seek her Rs200,000 Haq-e-Maher in exchange for khula.

Before the summer break, 2,114 women received degrees of khula and divorce from the family courts, and 2,891 males were forced to pay monthly expenditures to their children and their estranged wives.

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