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I’m Looking for a New Divorce Judge Since…

Tyrese is upset that the court in his divorce case still requires him to pay $10,000 in child support each month and wants a new judge to rule on the matter, claiming the old robe is biased against him.

TMZ has obtained new legal documents filed by the actor this week, which detail the reasons why he wants a new judge to oversee his divorce case. The major reason is that Judge Farmer was blatantly biased

Judge for My Divorce

In his paperwork, he gives a few scenarios in which this occurs. At a pre-trial hearing in Judge Farmer’s chambers, Tyrese claims the judge told him and his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, that he believed monthly child support of $10,690 was acceptable in light of the financial data presented and that he didn’t care if Gibson was a “greedy, gold-digging bitch.”

In essence, Tyrese is arguing that the judge had already decided the outcome of the case before hearing any evidence or testimony.

YouTube video

In addition, Tyrese claims the judge repeatedly showed her favor at the beginning and middle of the trial itself. Tyrese claims the video shows the interviewer making a number of harsh comments, including mocking criticisms and interrupting him in the middle of his replies. During the trial, Tyrese says his attorney “certainly felt intimidated by Judge Farmer.”

For what it’s worth… Tyrese claims he was predestined to lose and that a new judge is appointed to hear his case. For the final tidbit, we hear that Tyrese has added Ben Crump to his team of attorneys.

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